Work preparator training grounded in real-world experience

28/02/2024 - Career
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The O’Métiers school provides training for SOM employees working on industrial sites. The courses are adapted to the changing needs of the industry and customer expectations, and fit in with a global approach to team skills development.

The atmosphere is studious in the O’Métiers technical center in Lançon-Provence. The SOM employees at Ortec Engineering company are undergoing a 4-week training course for maintenance preparators, enabling them to better understand the work on clients’ sites.

Each session is attended by 6 to 10 trainees. The facility regularly receives employees from all of the Group’s different fields of activity.

The industrial sector is constantly evolving in a number of areas: safety, quality, carbon footprint, and so on. The training courses are designed to keep pace with the realities of worksites and projects, customer needs and business challenges, as they are delivered by in-house experts from the field.

Skills development through theory and practice

Based on experience feedback from the field, “the training involves both theory and practice to develop operational procedures for large-scale handling interventions” explains Gérard Galdi, SOM Technical Manager.

Maintenance preparators (technicians or engineers) hold a strategic function. They work in the maintenance department preparing interventions following an incident or as part of preventive maintenance. They draw up work files containing work schedules, lists of spare parts, safety instructions, lists of equipment and tools required…

“Trainees follow specific modules on the maintenance work preparation profession – in particular the digital tools required on the job – as well as on the entire range of Ortec’s specialist skills, in order to learn about the Group’s expertise and values,” adds Céline Martin, O’Métiers Manager for SOM.

A special feature of this training course, delivered by a pool of 8 trainers, is the involvement of customers. This enables us to listen to customers’ expectations and demonstrate our efforts to make safety, quality and operational efficiency the priorities of the teams working on their sites. “For many years now, we have been aware of  the importance Ortec places on these issues. We operate in a climate of mutual trust” explains the maintenance director of a petrochemical site around the Etang de Berre, who attended the session.

O’Métiers available to all employees

The work prepartion training, which leads to an internal diploma, is part of a substantial catalog of modules offered by O’Métiers for all of the Group’s professions. The approach is based on a 4-stage process: design of job descriptions, identification of needs, training, verification and monitoring of skills.

The training school brings together all the training programs developed by Ortec to enhance the skills of both existing teams and new recruits, and to raise awareness of the Group’s values and expertise.

Ortec’s technical training center in Lançon-Provence is a major asset thanks to a range of training rooms and facilities for reproducing and putting into practice real-life operations.

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