25/01/2018 -


The plant belonging to the Cargill group is located in Tema, an industrial town close to Accra (capital of Ghana).

The business produces butter and cocoa powder from raw cocoa beans. Following extraction, cleaning, roasting and grinding, cocoa liquor then butter and powder are produced.

The Ortec Group’s work has resulted in huge achievements for this customer.

12 km of pipes !

To maintain its fluidity, the cocoa circulating in the internal pipework is kept at a certain temperature by hot water flowing in the outer envelope.

The Ortec teams have manufactured 120 tonnes of complex pipelines, involving a large number of welds composed of a double envelope: an inner pipeline contained within an external envelope.

In addition to this network, Orsam also:

  • Produced 18 tanks for storing beans, liquor, powder and chemical products
  • installed the equipment and the fire protection system