20/07/2021 -

Orsam’s staff are now completing piping and structural production work at a new workshop in Takoradi (Ghana). Equipped with a high-performance sheet metal rolling machine, this facility is able to meet the increasing levels of customer demand. Orsam is a regular partner of the Oil & Gas and mining industries in Ghana. Since last year our subsidiary has invested in a workshop covering an area of 18,000 m² and housing around fifty employees (welders, assemblers, mechanics, electricians, engineers, technicians, project manager, quality specialists, logistics specialists, administrative staff) who perform various types of services:
  • Piping
  • Structural work
  • Sanding and painting
  • Rolling (sheet metal forming)
  • Clean shop for stainless steel
  • Maintenance
We are now able to offer turnkey solutions” explains Kofi Kamil Nyame-Mensah, Deputy Managing Director, Orsam Oil & Gas. The equipment available in the new workshop provides greater versatility. “In order to meet our customers’ requirements, we can offer a wide range of workshop and on-site services for both onshore and offshore: studies, design work, engineering, piping, instrumentation, prefabrication, manufacturing, lifting, welding, maintenance, renovation of industrial equipment, commissioning work.

Our equipment enables us to provide customized services

The workshop has a range of high-performance machinery including a rolling machine, enabling us to provide services which previously had to be outsourced. “We did not have the technical capacity to make suction cells and reservoirs entirely in the country,” says Kofi Kamil Nyame-Mensah. “After materials procurement, we now have full control over the production line for these types of project.By carrying out rolling operations ourselves, we can reduce transport times for raw materials.” The rolling machine can handle sheets up to 3.1 meters wide and 90 millimeters thick using four hydraulic rollers, depending on the mechanical properties of the material. It is equipped with a digital control station (automatic / semi-automatic / manual). We have provided dedicated training in the use of the machine to our staff. This technical improvement benefits from all safety guarantees. “The rolling machine complies with European standards which guarantees safety conditions comply with global standards,” assures Deputy Managing Director, Orsam Oil & Gas. “These are the priorities for Orsam.The rolling machine enables us to respond to our customers’ safety challenges and to develop our own internal safety policy.