08/02/2021 -


As a result of the merger between OGD – the ORTEC Group’s decontamination subsidiary – and SOLEO, the new entity, dubbed ORTEC-SOLEO, has produced a turnover of more than €70 million and employs 180 people over 26 sites in France.

The ORTEC Group, a long-standing player in the decontamination of polluted sites and soils, continues its development in an activity sector linked to climate change, notably through combating land degradation. Our strong geographic and sectoral compatibility enables us to offer a wider range of services, while meeting the challenges of public and private players’ most ambitious projects, throughout the country.

Shared enthusiasm

SOLEO and ORTEC share common views and values based on a strong culture of technical support. Our organization is based around local branches that are managed by entrepreneurs. “With SOLEO’s arrival in the ORTEC Group, we have created a key player on the polluted sites and soils market in France,” states Julien Einaudi, Director of the ORTEC Group’s Global Services Department.

According to Stéphane Rihouey, SOLEO’s current Chairman, “Our organizations bring together local players, service and an ability to meet a wide range of client expectations. We also share the same entrepreneurial spirit and pride in our professions.”