26/01/2018 -



Keeping an eye on people in anticipation of what life can bring, ensuring equal opportunities, supporting the delivery of projects and helping people overcome difficulties… through its “Ortec, la Vie Ensemble” (Ortec, Life Together) project, the Group supports its employees in everyday life. Find out about the “Ortec, Life Together” project, its programs and actions and the values on which it is based.

The “Ortec, Life Together” project is the story of the women and men of the Ortec Group who share the same values every day: solidarity and mutual assistance, talking and listening, tolerance and respect… The foundation of the Group’s team spirit and DNA, they lead us to act daily to ensure equal opportunities and support for our employees. The Ortec Group is constantly mobilising itself through these values. It is committed to ensuring equal opportunities, and endeavours to improve the daily lives of its employees, support them in carrying out their projects and help them overcome any difficulties they may encounter.

In 2008, in order to respond concretely to these concerns, the Ortec Group created the company’s “Ortec, Life Together” project which focuses on four programs: Action for the Disabled, Social Action, Housing Action and “O’Solidaire”. A dedicated team works hard every day to implement support tools and actions. Made up of members of the Human Resources, Recruitment, Purchasing, Real Estate, Training and Communication departments, the “Ortec, Life Together” team is made up primarily of employees who listen to employees. See photos of the activities and support provided to the Group’s employees as part of the “Ortec, Life Together” project.