17/02/2020 -


In its January 2020 issue, Capital magazine recently published the results of a survey carried out by Statista of 20,000 people on employees’ 500 favourite companies, in which the Ortec Group was ranked number one in the Environment category.

The Ortec group has once again ranked highly in employee surveys. Although Ortec has made the top 5 companies preferred by employees in the Environment sector for the last 5 years, it is particularly proud of being ranked in first place this year, from amongst 2,100 surveyed companies.

The no.1 company in the Environment sector

For the purposes of this survey, carried out in autumn 2019, the Statista Institute asked a panel of 20,000 people working in companies with more than 500 employees in France two questions, online, without the employers being informed: “On a scale of 1 to 10, to what extent would you recommend your employer to family or friends?” and “Bearing in mind all that you know about the following employers in your sector, would you recommend them to family or friends?” The areas considered notably related to working conditions (atmosphere within the company, company benefits and salary, etc.).

The reward for Ortec’s expertise

With regard to the Ortec Group’s results: “The Ortec Group’s areas of expertise are diverse and highly specialised. The Company showcases its best elements, notably its workers, who are able to become specialists recognised for their skill sets,” explains the magazine.

This distinction – which represents both enormous pride and great responsibility – symbolises the quality of the work and the dedication of all the men and women making up Ortec’s teams. Ortec now aims to pursue this commitment in lines of business that put people at the heart of technical projects as well as current and future challenges. It will also strengthen the determination of the group to work side-by-side with its clients in order to meet their risk management, competitiveness and efficiency challenges, as well as reducing their carbon footprint.