Ortec takes part in the “Future Engineers” forum, Arts et Métiers

11/03/2022 - Events
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Future Engineers – when ENSAM students discover their future at Ortec

Organized in the form of a meeting between students and businesses, the “Future Engineers” forum is an important event for the future graduates of Arts et Métiers. Today, they are on the benches of ENSAM Aix-en-Provence Campus, tomorrow, they will carry the most exciting projects in support of the major challenges facing industrial players. After having sparked a particular interest among the students of Arts et Métiers, the Ortec Group was invited to participate in the 13th edition of the event. By meeting the Ortec Group with its operational staff, recruitment officers and former Arts et Métiers graduates, ENSAM students will be able to start thinking about their future in concrete terms. Rendezvous, Thursday, March 3, 2022 at the ENSAM Aix-en-Provence Campus for the latest edition of the “Future Engineers” forum.


The future of engineers according to Ortec or to each engineer their own future

Not only does the Ortec Group enjoy a wealth of professions and sectors of intervention, it provides each of its employees with a personalized and unique career path. The goal is to allow each talent to fully express themselves by adapting their missions, objectives and areas of intervention in line with their interests and their strongest skills. In other words, at Ortec, jobs are adapted to profiles, not the other way around. Quickly taking on responsibilities, gaining autonomy, following a tailor-made training plan… from the moment they arrive, each employee is encouraged to experience a unique adventure.

To integrate young engineers who aspire to become managers, Ortec goes even further by offering an immersion program. Aimed at young graduates with 0 to 3 years’ experience, it’s a genuine road trip that begins in the field, with a number of professional training courses and the acquisition of a global vision of the Group, through to taking on management responsibilities.

For the 13th edition of the “Future Engineers” forum, which the Ortec Group enthusiastically participates in every year – awakening new passions in ENSAM students for its projects in aeronautics, industry, energy, chemistry and transport – recruitment and operational managers will present the Group’s professions, sectors of activity, values and career development plans to young students.

Gadzarts working at Ortec talk about their experience

Nothing is more concrete than the testimonies of alumni to help you picture your future. Gadzarts who left the benches of ENSAM a few years ago, and who are now thriving at the Ortec Group and its specialized divisions, are carrying out the projects and challenges of its customers. On this occasion, two employees will talk about their career within the Group.

The aim of this day, centered around meetings and discussions, is to give young 1st and 2nd year ENSAM engineering students a more concrete vision of their future. It is also a practical opportunity to secure an internship or a position in one of the Group’s business units: Engineering, Contracting or Global Services. So many possibilities to enter the working world for an initial assignment in the fields of environment, maintenance, studies or even calculations…

To find out more, feel free to explore all of the internship and job opportunities offered by the Ortec Group, by visiting the Group Careers page.


Do you have any questions before we meet?
Contact us and let us know at +33 (0) 442 121 346 or by email: recrutement.assistant@ortec.fr

Stay tuned and follow all our recruitment events by consulting our Recruitment events calendar.


Forum “Future Engineers” ENSAM – practical information :

Thursday, March 3, 2022
ENSAM Campus
2 cours des Arts et Métiers
only for students from the Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology

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