11/06/2014 -


Objective: zero accidents

In 2009, LyondellBasell launched its “Goal Zero” programme. Objective: to support the HSE culture in promoting an accident-free workplace. In addition to its in-house security policy, the programme is being reinforced by “Safety Day”, a day which is organised on an international scale once a year and which focuses on the safety of employees and partners at each LyondellBasell site throughout the world. Thus, every year, the petrochemical giant invites some of its subcontractors to take part in this event, discuss the importance of safety and share good HSE practices to be carried out and strengthened.

Think Safety – always

On 11 June 2014, for the second time, the chemical group invited the Ortec Industrie Rognac and ORLAG Berre teams to the 2014 Safety Day at its site in Berre-l’Etang. This time round, the Berre Oil Division organised a march interspersed with 12 shutdowns – to represent the 12 months of the year. Each shutdown resulted in the presentation of a past or future HSE event. The march was a way of reminding partners that safety must be constantly borne in mind: every second, every minute, every day and every month of the year.

In parallel, teams from the OI Rognac and ORLAG Berre agencies set up stands to present their activities and control of HSE risks. ORLAG presented its expertise in terms of work preparation through its “EPP” contract. In addition, three practical workshops were set up at the customer’s site. The first workshop focused on cryogenic cleaning, a technique used by OI Rognac in certain industrial cleaning operations. The second workshop presented a lock-on manoeuvre with a locotractor used by Rognac teams when performing their rail logistics services. The third workshop presented the typical crane lifting operations that they perform when carrying out maintenance activities. With these three stands, the OI and ORLAG teams were able to offer practical demonstrations of some of their activities, the aim being to constantly focus on the golden rules of the trade and good safety practices.

Our Rognac site is delighted by the trust placed in it by its long-time customer, Berre Petrochemical Cluster. Safety is the responsibility of all – customers, co-contractors, principals and performers. So the discussions and exchanges held during Safety Day provided the perfect opportunity for the partners to get together and review the situation, with the aim of continually strengthening HSE practices and raising awareness of safety issues for everyone involved.