Proud of our Casques d’OR’!

01/07/2024 - Life Together
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The Casques d’OR’ are the ambassadors of the Ortec Group, conveying its values and professional culture while also contributing to the reinforcement of the company’s safety programs. They are distinguished by their dedication to passing on their knowledge to the new generations who join our teams in France and abroad. Let’s take a closer look at this elite unit, now composed of almost 300 employees.

In 2008, the Ortec Group decided to create an elite unit to distinguish, reward and encourage commitment among its best workers. The first 42 Casques d’OR’ members were named at the December 2009 Convention, marking the beginning of a long and successful journey that places expertise, innovation and rigor at the forefront. Initially focused on the “blue-collar” group of employees, the Casques d’OR’ unit gradually expanded to include other categories: technicians and engineers (2010), administrative and management staff (2011), supervisors – project managers (2012), and head office support staff (2024). “The Casques d’OR’ symbolize both the Group’s expertise and the recognition of its employees” explains André Einaudi, Chairman and CEO of Ortec.

How do you become a Casque d’OR’?

You can’t apply for this title. It is earned through your own hard work. A committee receives nominations from Agency Managers who wish to salute the daily commitment of their top performers.

Being awarded the "Casque d'OR" distinction is an acknowledgement of expertise. At the same time, it means taking on the responsibility of contributing to the smooth running of our branches and to the Group's major initiatives.

There are several criteria:

  • Expert in their field
  • Recognized by peers
  • Reference from the agency/department
  • Adheres to safety rules
  • Image-conscious
  • Available and geographically mobile
  • More than three years of seniority
  • Exemplary behavior
  • Able to commit to improvement initiatives

The status is not permanent. Each Casques d’OR’ member is regularly reevaluated for reappointment to the unit.

Being Casque d’OR’

The Casque d’OR’ is available all year round to support the needs of our sites and employees. Whether it’s operational safety, training and mentoring new recruits, advice on recruiting or purchasing equipment, technical expertise for calls for tender… the Casque d’OR is there to help. A problem + a Casque d’OR’ = a solution! Expertise in the trade and the knowledge transfer are the guiding principles.

I felt very privileged when I became a Casque d’OR’, in terms of my career path.

Among my Casque d’OR’ duties, I particularly appreciate those related to the induction of new employees and skill development.

I make sure that safety values are instilled in the work teams every time we arrive on site.

A broad field of action


  • Pre-employment assessment of specialized candidates
  • Reception and support of trainees / new recruits
  • Participation in regional recruitment campaigns


  • Participation in the safety week
  • Helping to develop the new Vigiminute


  • Decision-making support on equipment investment choices
  • Providing input on estimated completion times
  • Drafting of the professionalism charter


  • Participation in O’Métiers assessments
  • Assisting in developing O’Métiers reference manuals
  • Assisting in developing O’Métiers training modules and validation of pilot courses

International presence since 2023

The incorporation of employees from our international subsidiaries into this elite unit symbolizes our commitment to excellence across all our sites and sectors. From the outset, they will act as ambassadors of expertise, excellence and exemplarity within Ortec, working alongside their colleagues and customers.

This is a recognition of know-how, positive attitude to work safety, transmission of knowledge and of the contribution to the improvement of projects, of agencies and of the Group as a whole.

Key figures (2024)

Casques d'OR'
Average age**

* Germany, Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Congo, Ivory Coast, Spain, United States, France, Gabon, India, Romania

** The youngest Casque d’OR’ is 29 years old

Key events of the year

In June, it's all about experience

Once a year, in June, Casques d’OR’ meet at Ortec’s headquarters in Aix-en-Provence for a traditional reunion. This event is an important moment in the life of the Group. Over the course of two days, employees are briefed on the Group’s latest developments and strategic directions, and consulted on Ortec’s key issues: safety, climate change, innovation, recruitment, etc.

The annual gathering has several objectives:

  • To confirm the Group’s recognition of their professional qualities and conduct
  • To facilitate meetings between Casques d’OR’ to help them get to know each other better
  • To create opportunities to exchange ideas, suggestions and recommendations to improve team efficiency in agencies (comments, testimonials, round-table discussions, etc.). 
  • To determine new ways in which they can get involved in the search for new collaborators, the drafting of reference documents (charter), the improvement of procedures and tools, etc.

The Annual Gathering is always an opportunity to encourage meetings and exchanges between all the Group's different departments, in the presence of André Einaudi and the heads of the Sectors, Departments and Services. Everyone embraces their role and commits to fulfilling their missions once they return to their agency.

Major event at the Annual Convention in December

The introduction of the new class of Casques d’OR’ traditionally takes place during the Annual Meeting of the French & International Operations. This event is emotional, even intimidating, especially for some employees visiting the Group’s headquarters in Aix-en-Provence for the first time. Each new Casque d’OR’ is called to the stage to the applause of the 500 agency, department, division and service managers gathered for the event.

Casques d’OR’ are ambassadors of the expertise and skills that are vital to our company. They are the talented individuals working in the field, building the success and reputation of the entire Group. They are key elements in the life of our agencies. The Group needs them, their insights and feedback, to help us move forward. Be proud to be Casques d’OR’!

They share their experiences

Stéphane Lefebvre, Boilermaker at Friedlander Amiens

Class of 2009 – 25 years of service

Being a Casque d’OR’ means being available and providing advice to team members on the job, how to use a new machine, etc. We always put the safety of ourselves, other people and our facilities first. This is important because, in our profession, there's no room for error. As the seven Casques d’OR’ in Amiens, we have to set an example every day. Why was I selected to become a Casque d’OR’? Perhaps due to the quality of the missions I’ve carried out, my loyalty and my passion for teamwork. I really enjoyed the annual gathering last June at our headquarters in Aix-en-Provence. It was an opportunity to meet the management and exchange ideas with colleagues from other regions, regardless of whether they have the same job as me. I’ve attended all the gatherings since my first one in Orange.

Laurent Sartre, Aeronautical Engineer at Sonovision Toulouse

Class of 2016 – 23 years of service

Being a Casque d’OR’ is a mission that complements our day-to-day work in the agency. It's an added value in the quest for continuous improvement of our services. Why was I appointed? My seniority was certainly an asset, as was my ability to make valuable suggestions to our clients. I try to raise the profile of this position and speak about it to the operational teams around me, particularly in India, where Sonovision is based. I’m delighted to see that the unit has opened up internationally in 2022. It’s important to recognize and value skills, especially to attract and retain talents. My role as a Casque d’OR’ is continuously challenging, whether I'm helping to integrate new recruits, advising on tender responses, developing the content of O’Métiers training courses, or participating in recruitment forums and school partnerships.

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