23/02/2018 -

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The Ortec Group is a prize winner at the 8th Pays de la Loire Regional Sustainable Development and CSR Awards (TRRD). Organised and supported by the main economic players of the Pays de la Loire region, these awards recognise and reward the actions and commitments implemented by the Ortec Group at its Nantes branch in terms of respect for the environment and social innovation.
Feedback on the TRDD awards, organised on 22 February 2018 in Saint-Herblain, France.

Ortec Group – concrete actions and commitment to sustainable development

Sanitation, waste management or industrial cleaning, the Nantes -based Ortec Environnement branch offers a wide range of services. Designed for local authorities, property developers and manufacturers, these specialised services allow Ortec to optimise the operation of its customers’ facilities with the objective of improving their productivity even more by providing quick and efficient maintenance solutions.

Within Ortec, efficiency is intimately linked to respect for the environment, and forms part of a global corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, based on values upheld by all the Group’s entities. It translates into concrete actions from management of resources, a management system and social actions to the design of solutions provided for customers. The Group places innovation (the driving force behind any improvement) and optimisation (which energises its teams) at the heart of all its commitments.

The Ortec Group’s pilot agency – the Nantes-based agency – which received a prize during the Pays de la Loire awards, stands out in terms of CSR through numerous projects. Based in Saint-Herblain, France, the Ortec Environnement agency helped set up the ELO range of electric vehicles. Designed and developed by the Group’s Technical Innovation Department, these response vehicles enable Ortec to provide more environmentally-friendly, economical and efficient sanitation services. Since 2016, the Nantes-based agency has been using two vehicles from the electrical range, a utility vehicle for small dredging operations and a 3.5-tonne sewer cleaning machine, allowing it to operate in larger pumping and cleaning operations. These silent, precise and efficient vehicles with low energy and water consumption are highly appreciated by employees and customers.

And it was precisely this category of electric vehicles from the ELO range that was recognised by the 2018 TRDD panel. For the OE Nantes agency, the award represents great acknowledgement of its investment and commitment to offering increasingly environmentally-friendly and responsible services.

The occasion of the awards provided the Ortec Group agency with the opportunity to present all of its CSR initiatives such as strengthening the skills and know-how of its employees, reducing the environmental footprint of its waste management activities and partnerships established with local stakeholders. Furthermore, the agency has adopted a continuous quality approach through certifications such as ISO 14001, MASE/UIC, AGENCE DE L’EAU or QP (Quali Pol).

Pays de la Loire Regional Sustainable Development and CSR Awards

The objective of the Pays de la Loire Regional Sustainable Development Awards (TRDD) is to encourage and promote sustainable development and CSR initiatives. Its aim is to push forward companies and organisations that develop their activities in line with societal challenges.

Initiated in 2009, the TRDD awards are supported by the economic players of the Pays de la Loire region, and make it possible to promote regional companies and publicize their practices and initiatives in the field of sustainable development.