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What future will arise from the ongoing transformation?

See you on September 19, 2025 in Aix-en-Provence

What is O.FORUM?

It is said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. This is certainly true, although we cannot create the future without an analysis of structural strengths and weaknesses, without rational foresight of the threats to be avoided and the opportunities to be seized.

The Ortec forums came into being with the third millennium, born of the need to establish a bridge between industrialists and service companies, both of which are confronted with accelerating changes in their environment.

Unity of time, place and action: it is at Ortec headquarters, in Aix-en-Provence, that decision-makers and company leaders are invited for a day of listening to the key players and observers who are shaping the present and the future.

The initial discussion forum has become a genuine participative observatory.

O.FORUM provides an occasion for all to assess these strengths, to better face the hurdles and identify opportunities to take advantage of prevailing trends.

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Ortec, the audacity of enterprise

To create sustainable value, a company must constantly optimize its processes and consolidate its performance. To be effective, its decisions must be sustainable. It must engage in a continuous process of stakeholder satisfaction, attract, train and retain the most competent employees, and place ethics and the environment at the heart of its concerns.

As a service provider to industry, the Ortec Group has developed from the outset with the principal focus on building long-term relationships with its major industrial clients. As such, we were among the first to propose global, multi-year solutions for the management of their process support functions.

When outsourcing these services, we adopt a long-term partnership rationale, creating shared value.

We have always considered the recruitment and training of competent personnel as a central element of our thinking and our primary asset. In addition, we have a high standard of safety requirements, with an
explicit and committed focus on safety over results.

Finally, due to our significant involvement in the management and treatment of industrial waste, we have developed a keen awareness of issues related to the preservation of the environment. This has led us to anticipate regulatory developments in environmental matters.

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