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Expertise and cutting-edge skills in engineering solutions, construction works and industrial maintenance.


Teams from the Friedlander Amiens agency provide solutions in engineering, construction works and industrial maintenance and rely on appropriate infrastructures as well as innovative equipment to provide you with tailor-made industrial solutions.


Services provided

Business sectors

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Food processing:
The Ortec Group has been assisting the agrifood industry for more than 30 years. From execution to the outsourced management of services, the Group can call upon expertise and know-how to serve this vital economic sector.

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals:
The chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries are faced with multiple challenges. The Ortec Group is a key partner in these sectors of activity, offering a global and comprehensive offer adapted to each of its customers: project management, unit shut-down, industrial cleaning, site environmental remediation or waste recycling.

Heavy industry:
Thanks to its extensive range of skills, including its expertise in industrial activities, the Ortec Group provides the players in heavy industry with a wide variety of services. These sectors are connected to the production or processing of raw materials such as mines, cement works, plasterwork and paper mills.

Petrochemicals – Oil & Gas:
For more than 40 years, the Ortec Group has been assisting players in the Oil & Gas sector as well as the major upstream and downstream decision-makers in the onshore and offshore oil industry. With a comprehensive service offer from the design to the maintenance of installations, the entire project life cycle is covered by our local teams.


Prefectural declaration receipt 13:
The Friedlander Amiens agency is a holder of the trading, brokerage and transport receipt for hazardous and non-hazardous waste (hydrocarbon water, acids or alkalines and aqueous industrial waste). It ensures health and safety conditions for producers, eliminators and any other waste disposal agents, and is able to transfer the collected waste under optimal conditions for subsequent recycling.

MASE/UIC Certification:
The Friedlander Amiens agency, a subsidiary of the Ortec Group, holds the MASE/UIC Certification for its new works and maintenance activities in mechanical pipework and boilermaking. The certification aims to reduce risks at work through a Safety, Health and Environment management system.


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