Camera inspection and diagnosis of pipelines

The Ortec Group offers solutions for the control and inspection of sanitation networks throughout France on public property, industrial sites, residential, commercial, office premises and other types of buildings.

Inspection of new networks

A comprehensive diagnosis of the structural condition of both new and existing networks is conducted through camera inspection, leak tests and composting controls.

Inspection of existing networks

If there is any doubt about the condition of existing networks, or if there are recurrent problems, we conduct investigations through camera inspection, tracer gas, smoke testing and acoustic correlation to identify any anomalies.

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Network tracing

To accurately locate the existing networks, in addition to camera inspection, we can search for them and trace them on a map.

Our Ortec teams have equipment that can adapt to various configurations:

  • Satellite camera for inspecting connections from the collector
  • Detection probe to trace networks
  • Drone for inspecting large-diameter networks
  • GPS and software for network mapping

Cleaning and pumping equipment is also available for network cleaning prior to inspection.

Each inspection is carried out in accordance with the NF 13508-2+A1 standard. Quality controls are performed to ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

Internal network rehabilitation

Following diagnostics, we offer internal network rehabilitation solutions, either on complete sections by lining, or on localized areas by installing sleeves.

Ortec's assets

The Ortec Group provides both upstream operations (cleaning/pumping) and downstream operations (inspection) from a single source. A “plus” that offers customers a single point of contact.

Ortec also supports the client throughout the entire project life cycle, from A to Z. Following a diagnosis, the teams can recommend a network lining service, a further cutting-edge expertise integrated into the Group’s “Sanitation” offering.

What is pipeline camera inspection?

Camera inspection of pipes – also known as televised inspection or tele-video camera inspection (TVI) – allows for visualizing the inside of pipes and tanks without damaging the infrastructure.

Its objectives include identifying assembly or geometry defects, cracks, collapses or flow obstacles. It helps to accurately and comprehensively diagnose the condition of new and old sewer networks, using innovative technical solutions.

When is camera diagnosis required?

Camera inspection of new or old installations can be carried out for various reasons:

  • Flow problems: camera inspection reveals potential signs of corrosion, cracks, sagging, joint defects, etc.
  • Unidentified leaks: non-destructive diagnostics will quickly locate the leak.
  • Tracing needs: camera inspection precisely traces network pipelines and updates the sewer network plans.

TVI can also be used preventively to assess the condition of the sanitation network:

  • Design quality (new installations)
  • Condition of pipes and connections (deformation, rupture, damage, sealing joints, etc.)
  • Network slope
  • Infiltration risks
  • Presence of abnormal elements (roots, penetrating connections, deposits, objects, etc.)
  • Building defects

It can also be carried out a response to incidents (flooding, etc.).

Innovation for operational quality

To stay in line with evolving customer expectations and offer increasingly environmentally-friendly solutions, the Ortec Group places innovation at the heart of its network diagnostic services.

Ortec invests in state-of-the-art camera equipment to ensure the quality of images. Teams use satellite cameras to provide services in the absence of connections.

Training is central to innovation and safety objectives. Tutoring and the transmission of knowledge and practices contribute to the deployment of well-prepared inspection teams in the field, driven by a culture of operational excellence.

  • On-site safety
  • Electric vehicles
  • Quality Control of reports
  • Reduced network downtime
  • Internal repair or rehabilitation of networks

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Drone inspection of an ovoid prior to works

The agency conducted a drone inspection of an ovoid sewer pipeline at a railway site to ensure its structural integrity, in preparation for works. This inspection identified a malfunction in the downstream lift station, the presence of sediment, and visualized the piping at the bottom of the network. The teams installed an EXOR transfer pump for pumping the lift station and a 150 m3 hydrocarbon separator, and proceeded to a light hydrocleaning of the ovoid sewer pipe.

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