Complementary technical documentation skills

The Ortec Group’s experts combine technical knowledge and an operational approach to ensure documentary data and tools are reliable, accessible and available.

Our Expertises

Documentation is an essential guarantee of safety and performance. Pioneer in producing documentation, the Sonovision subsidiary of Ortec Group structures and optimises all technical content. From document design to the complete outsourcing of document services, all services are based on using innovative tools and the expertise of experienced European and international teams, able to meet the most exacting requests with precision and flexibility. Guaranteeing a truly value-added service.
Expertise and services
  • Design of technical documentation
  • Drafting and illustrating system manuals, parts catalogues, maintenance manuals, user guides, etc.
  • Producing interactive technical documentation (3D, video, etc.), enabling systems to be used and maintained under operational conditions
  • Studies and production of document systems
  • Configuration management, document management
  • Technical data management and distribution
  • Outsourcing of document services
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Fields of activity
  • Technical documentation engineering
  • Maintenance tooling engineering (GSE)
  • Documentation systems
  • Interactive solutions
  • Reference standards: ATA2200, S1000D
  • Codes: STE (Simplified Technical English)
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A European leader in technical documentation for seven decades, our subsidiary Sonovision gained its experience in military aeronautics. Now recognised by many civilian customers, it’s effectiveness is based in precision, flexibility and transculturality: throughout the world, our teams work with the same processes and tools, and use quality measures calibrated on the same standards.

Our references

In the United States, Honeywell Aerospace has chosen our subsidiary Sonovision to assist with managing its technical library. This major assignment begins by updating various publications, at a time when the S1000D standard is progressively replacing specification ATA2000 in aerospace technical publications.
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Aeronautics, Aerospace

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