Sustainable sanitation services for the environment

With complementary divisions and industrial experience, the Ortec Group has occupied a leading position in the environmental services business for 40 years. A field expert that listens to the market, committed daily to sustainable development and ethical growth, it employs a continuous innovation approach to offer its customers complete, agile and efficient solutions. With the benefit of ever greater responsiveness, efficiency and quality to make a difference to increasingly pressing environmental challenges.

Our expertises
Environmental services


Diagnosis, installation, maintenance and renovation on all types of sanitation networks.

Waste management

From source to valorisation, efficient and perfectly monitored solutions, conceived to optimize costs and processes.

Dépollution & réhabilitation

Près de 20 ans d’expérience pour une gestion intégrée des projets les plus complexes, en France comme à l’international, quel que soit le type de contamination.

Désinfection d’espaces extérieurs

Sécurisez les zones d’accès et espaces fréquentés par vos collaborateurs et tout public.

Our markets
Environmental services

Government & local authorities

Aeronautics, Aerospace

Food processing


Chemicals & pharmaceuticals


Heavy industries




Oil & Gas