Support from industrial safety inspection professionals

The Ortec Group combines skills, methods and understanding of reference guidelines to support its customers in monitoring their industrial operations.

Our Expertises

Industrial safety assignments
Capitalising on its experience and knowledge of the nuclear sector, the Ortec Group offers a range of services for monitoring and testing all aspects of industrial operations. Performed by skilled internationally-mobile engineers and technicians, these services with a strong performance commitment require skills, method and full understanding of the reference guidelines.
Industrial safety expertise and services
  • Writing and approving inspection procedures
  • Support for inspection process developments
  • Regulatory support (codes, standards, etc.)
  • Documentation meeting standard reference documents
  • Digital simulation using CIVA
  • Development and implementation of monitoring plans
  • Monitoring welding operations
  • Test follow-up
  • Non-Destructive Inspection/Non-Destructive Testing: RT, UT, PT, MT, ET, VT
  • Materials/Welding
  • Audits
  • Technical support
  • Supervision of mechanical equipment manufacturing
  • Supervision of equipment assembly
  • Development of generic/specific training packages
  • Training in multiple Non-Destructive Inspection/Non-Destructive Testing techniques
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Fields of activity
  • Technical and administrative monitoring
  • Monitoring implementation of Non-Destructive Inspection/Non-Destructive Testing
  • Monitoring welding operations
  • Manufacturing monitoring
  • On-site inspections and surveys
  • Performing and monitoring tests
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Building on expertise recognised by EDF for nearly 20 years, our subsidiary Wortest is now one of the leaders in monitoring of Non-Destructive Inspection/Non-Destructive Testing operations in the nuclear industry.

Our Markets

Aeronautics, Aerospace



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