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Ortec, developing talent

Every talent has a role to play in Ortec’s achievements. Are you bold and daring? Not afraid of responsibilities? We build everything to let your professional and human talent talk.

The feel-good compagny

Espace où il fait bon vivre

What if the Ortec Group could put you on the path to a successful career? Working at Ortec means working with and supporting top industrial companies all over the world. Ortec employs people in over 50 different professions, including engineering, technical services, construction and administration. Ortec is renowned for its highly specific expertise, operational efficiency, outstanding safety performance and effective process management… but it also takes pride in its accomplishments and has a bold entrepreneurial culture, the imagination to pursue new directions, and the tenacity and solidarity to deal with adversity.

We are an international yet very close-knit company. Our greatest assets are our employees, their technical and interpersonal skills, their solidarity, and their willingness to learn or share their knowledge with others. Our teams live by the motto “Work seriously without taking yourself seriously”, which is reflected in their drive and enthusiasm for moving forward together, hand in hand.

We trust you


At Ortec, we believe that every employee should be able to make full use of their talent and skills, and bring meaning to their work. Trust is an essential factor. So, when someone starts working with us, we work with them to adapt the job to their specific profile so that they can perform to their full potential. As a result, they are able to take on extra responsibilities quickly and establish a direct and relaxed relationship with their managers, because new recruits can come up with great new ideas about a project and how to approach it.

Employee recognition is entrenched
in our values


Are you an expert in your field and respected by your peers? After a few years on the job, you could earn a Casque d’Or (golden hard hat) award in recognition of your expertise, dedication and professionalism. The Ortec group’s elite corps, the Casques d’Or, communicate our values, our expectation of impeccable quality and exemplary conduct to our customers. There are approximately 170 Casques d’Or across the group, who are listened to and respected by others. Other awards, such as the Young Entrepreneurs trophy for young employees, are also given to reward your projects and initiatives.

Walking life's path together

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Ortec’s common values are embodied in its “Life Together” scheme, which helps employees and their families through the bad times. Advice, social support, help to achieve personal goals, keeping people with disabilities in employment, solidarity and mutual assistance… This scheme is indicative of the spirit that prevails in the group: we believe in all our employees and invest in them both professionally and personally.

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