Expert in the management of site pollution

Ortec-Soleo is a subsidiary of the Ortec Group specializing in soil and groundwater decontamination and, more generally, in the rehabilitation of industrial sites and wastelands.

Recognized for its expertise in the integrated management of large-scale projects, Ortec-Soleo operates in France and abroad.

Our experienced and dedicated teams work every day to improve their expertise, learn from their experiences and anticipate tomorrow’s methods and technologies through an active R&D approach, in order to provide exemplary and eco-responsible solutions to site redevelopment and reclamation projects, both in industry and in urban development.

By combining design engineering with rehabilitation works (securing, deconstruction, asbestos removal, depollution/decontamination, environmental monitoring), we participate in the transformation and repurposing of land.

Aware of our responsibilities as a leading player in the environmental sector, we are committed to developing solutions for our customers and partners that focus on the circular economy and the preservation of resources, sustainable development and the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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Areas of expertise


This engineering branch represents the set of tools at our disposal for the design, sizing and safety of decontamination operations.

Depollution works

The Ortec Group examines the treatment of soil and/or subterranean water contamination in order to adapt to all types of pollution.

Site rehabilitation

The Ortec Group carries out the totality of services and operations involved in projects for the rehabilitation of wasteland and industrial sites.

Centers for the treatment and recovery of earth

Specializing in treatment solutions, Valorterre recycles the materials impacted in a circular economy approach.

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Creation of the Ortec depollution branch (Aix-en-Provence)


Creation of ORSEM and acquisition of SPS (Gabon)


Over 100,000 tons treated with a ventilated biotertre.

Creation of a subsidiary in Gabon.

3.96M€ - 10 emp.

Creation of the Paris office

5.6M€ - 22 emp.

Creation of TECOR (Angola).

Ortec GSI becomes OGD


Creation of TECOR (Congo) Djéno Biocenter

13.37M€ - 30 emp.

Creation of the Lacq agency.


Creation of OGD Cameroon.

ORSEM becomes Valorterre-Provence

21.84M€ - 42 emp.

Creation of the Lille agency.


Creation of Grenoble, Nantes and Le Havre agencies.


Creation of the Strasbourg and Lyon agencies.

Creation of SLE Congo Waste Treatment Center


Creation of the Valorterre IDF and Valorterre Hauts-de-France platforms.

Creation of TECOR Cameroon

29.36M€ - 75 emp.

Creation of TECOR Ivory Coast.

Creation of Valorterre Occitanie and Valorterre Grand Est platforms.

36.83M€ - 100 emp.

Creation of the BSO platform (33)


OGD celebrates its 20th anniversary. Creation of the Valorterre Val de Loire platform.

Creation of the Toulouse agency

49.8M€ - 130 emp.

Creation of the Terrea Ouest platform (44)


Creation of OGD Benin.

Creation of the Valorterre Normandie platform

70M€ - 180 emp.

Ortec acquires Soleo Services and together create a leading French player in the field of contaminated sites and soils: Ortec-Soleo

In 1998, the Ortec Group created Ortec GSI Dépollution, the result of a merger between the Ortec Environnement subsidiary and the Canadian company GSI Environnement, which had been working in the field of polluted site rehabilitation since 1987.

A pioneer in the recovery of residual materials, GSI Environnement in Canada carried out the first composting projects for green waste and the treatment of sludge and polluted soil through biological means. More than 15 years of innovation have enabled this company to become a Canadian leader in the collection and transportation of waste and the treatment of polluted soil.

Ortec GSI Dépollution has thus been able to develop its know-how in the decontamination business but also in the study, design, construction and operation of soil recovery facilities or the treatment of industrial effluents.

In 2005, Ortec GSI Dépollution separated from GSI Environnement to become Ortec Générale de Dépollution (OGD), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ortec Group.

Capitalizing on this experience, OGD has built a part of its growth with the development of sorting, transit and treatment platforms for polluted soil, grouped together under the Valorterre label, while continuing to develop its site depollution and rehabilitation activities in France and abroad.

On February 4, 2021, Soléo Services joined OGD to form Ortec-Soleo, a major player in the depollution sector, ready to take on new challenges:

  • To work with its customers and partners to meet new economic, social and environmental challenges
  • To propose organizational, technical and material solutions adapted to the constraints and issues of its customers nationwide.
  • To continue its work in design and innovation to improve efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint of its activities and anticipate emerging pollution issues.

Our commitments

Ortec-Soleo and the Ortec Group accompany you on a unique customer journey that meets your objectives and challenges.

They provide services to the environment based on the combination of advanced expertise and strong values, in order to offer you effective and safe solutions.
Ortec-Soleo focuses on:

  • Safety and people at the heart of the business project
  • The culture of technical service and proximity in a entrepreneurial spirit
    Responsibility and transparency

Safety at the heart of our company culture and our processes

Safety is our top work assessment criterion. It is an operational objective in its own right. It is everybody’s business, a responsibility fully shared by each employee. Through our QHSSE policy, each project is reviewed in order to:

  • Ensure the safety and security of workers and operations at all levels
  • Protect the health of our employees and subcontractors
  • Manage the risks and environmental disturbances on the site and its surrounding areas
  • Respect the safety requirements of customer sites and, more generally, the regulations in force.

A culture of technical service and proximity

With Ortec-Soleo, over the years we have developed a network of agencies covering a large part of the country, thus providing greater proximity and responsiveness to our customers.

At the same time, we are continually adapting our service offerings to meet their needs even more closely.

Our solutions are built around a rehabilitation strategy that takes into account performance at the best cost, integrating site constraints (operation, health and safety risks, surrounding areas, etc.) as well as the associated administrative and regulatory aspects. Our added value lies in design engineering and the implementation of optimized management solutions that ultimately help to manage costs, guarantee deadlines, control health and environmental risks.

We pay particular attention to the reliability of our materials and the traceability of waste.

Innovation, for the creation of value

Our Innovation and R&D approach is supported by Ortec-Soleo’s technical management team organized around:

  • An in-house test laboratory.  This tool offers a range of feasibility and treatability tests that may be followed by pilot tests on site in order to make techniques more reliable and projects safer
  • A central workshop for the design, construction, maintenance and revamping of our equipment and depollution materials
  • An R&D team ensuring technical and technological monitoring and working on innovative treatment solutions, drawing in particular from developments provided by private partners (SMEs, start-ups) or institutions, in France and abroad.

Our technical developments are based on our in-house work in order to design and test new decontamination technologies and optimize more mature processes (methods and materials) in order to make them more efficient.

Partnerships with universities and laboratories also allow us to develop research projects, to improve the transfer of skills and to work on emerging topics, methods (e.g. phytotechnologies) or pollutants (e.g. PFAS/PFOS).

Innovation at Ortec-Soleo also means focusing on the services of tomorrow and accelerating their development through digitalization and digital transformation. In this context, we deploy tailored and connected offers to optimize the monitoring of our work sites, services related to the management of polluted soil or our mobile treatment units.

Responsibility and transparency

Our activities are carried out within the framework of a sustainable, responsible and transparent development approach.

Today, the company has a duty to act to preserve and renew of resources and contribute positively to the development of its activities, while meeting the current challenges faced by our society.

This is why we provide approaches and solutions for rehabilitation with the lowest possible impact and participate in the redevelopment of polluted industrial or urban sites into new habitats that meet the challenges of environmental preservation and sustainable development.

This approach towards our customers is directly linked to Ortec’s CSR culture, which is promoted internally by the Group and in which employees are involved in order to jointly understand the economic, social and environmental challenges.

At Ortec, customer relations are built on trust and transparency. Our teams study each project objectively and in compliance with the rules of compliance, drawing on their experience to set achievable and realistic limits in terms of technical feasibility, deadlines, costs and commitments.

We measure our customers’ satisfaction as part of each intervention in order to strengthen the relationship and ensure that our offers can best meet their evolving expectations.

Certifications and Qualifications

Ortec-Soleo is committed to a MASE (management of safety in industrial environments) certified HSE approach.

Ortec-Soleo provides tailor-made depollution services, in compliance with the NF X 31-620 form sections 1 to 4. The quality of our Polluted Sites and Soils services is certified by LNE for the fields of activities under B (Engineering of works), and C (Execution of works).

Since 1998, Ortec-Soleo has been an active member of the UPDS (Union of Professional Site Decontamination Companies).

Asbestos removal works.

QUALIBAT 1552 certification – level 1 work

Our references

Real estate

Reactivity in dense urban environments and confined areas

Ortec-Soleo restores the soil of a former automobile site for the purposes of office construction by BNP Paribas Real Estate in Boulogne-Billancourt. Groundwater is treated with controlled discharge and soil is transferred to Valorterre for recovery.

Land development & Local authorities

Redevelopment of wasteland along the banks of the Rhine in Strasbourg

Ortec-Soleo, a subsidiary of the Ortec Group, is part of the redevelopment project for the ‘ZAC des 2 Rives’, a joint development zone and industrial wasteland on the banks of the Rhine in Strasbourg, Teams are mobilized on the management of the MEC aerial platform: feasibility, trial runs, design and development, monitoring, analysis, management of the interface. 100% of the excavated materials are recycled.

Pharmaceutical – Chemical

Disassembly of pharmaceutical installations

Ortec-Soleo disassembles the Monachem industrial units for pharmaceutical production following closure. Dredging, transfers, cranage and mini-demolition are carried out in Monaco under considerable spatial constraint.

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