27/02/2015 -


Reinforcement of the Industrial and Nuclear Works division

By joining CICO Centre and VDLS in Orys, the Ortec Group is accelerating the development of its Industrial and Nuclear Works division by strengthening its industrial capacities in terms of piping and metalwork.

Orys is the Ortec Group’s leading subsidiary for works and maintenance operations in the nuclear and hydraulic energy sectors. For over 50 years, Orys experts have been developing and combining their multidisciplinary skills to carry out major projects.

Within a Major Project engineering framework, three planning departments and four manufacturing workshops as well as national presence through 16 regional agencies and branches, the new group, which combines all specialities, will employ 850 people, and generate an annual turnover of €110 million in the civil nuclear sector.

Close to nuclear power generation centres, with integrated non-destructive testing and examination facilities, recognised and qualified know-how in the assembly of composite and thermoplastic pipes, Ortec is positioning itself as a leading partner of electricity producers by supporting them in post-Fukushima maintenance and works programmes.

CICO Centre and VDLS

With 230 employees, CICO Centre, whose head office is based in Clamecy (department of Nièvre) and VDLS (Val de Loire Services), located in Beaulieu-sur-Loire (in France’s Loiret département), generates a total turnover of €30 million in the industrial piping, metalwork and non-destructive testing businesses.

Founded in 1947 then acquired by its managers in 1996, CICO Centre has 8 regional agencies and branches and operates in the nuclear energy, water and oil and gas markets.

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