25/01/2018 -


Innovation in all its forms

Imagine a very special week. A week where only creative discussion and brainstorming rule. A week dedicated to innovation. This is the Ortec Group’s week of good ideas , otherwise known as Innovation Week!

Organised as part of the company project “Innov’O, Prix de la Bonne Idée”, Innovation Week takes place once a year. What’s its purpose? To stimulate creativity, promote discussion and encourage employees to submit their innovative ideas. This “100% innovation” week is aimed at all Ortec Group employees. It takes place simultaneously at all works and engineering agencies.

Driven by the Innov’O correspondents, the event showcases innovation through numerous events. New to the 2016 version, the week’s programme offers two unprecedented challenges:

Innovation Week Challenge on the subject of « Imagine the future of your jobs »

Alone or as part of a team, employees are invited to propose innovations that integrate technology and/or digital systems into their professions, processes or tasks. The motivating factor: a special award for the best idea of the week.

The Great Agency Challenge

Any agency can be called upon to meet this challenge along the chain. The principle is simple:
Three initial agencies are asked to submit a good idea in under four hours. If the agency successfully meets the challenge, it appoints three other agencies, which in turn, have to submit a good idea etc.


A website dedicated exclusively to innovation

Innovation Week 2016 also showcases the new Innov’O website.

Launched last August, this intuitive and interactive space allows all employees to submit their project ideas throughout the year. Whether or not they are recorded as part of themed campaigns, the innovative ideas go through a validation process. Agency managers, business experts and department directors preselect the ideas before forwarding them to the Innov’O selection committee which analyses and assesses them. The best ideas are rewarded.

The Week of Good Ideas is therefore also an opportunity for emerging innovators to familiarise themselves with how the website works and, above all, to post their very first ideas.

Happy Innovation Week to all Ortec Group employees!