26/09/2018 -

Recruitment and vocational training are key issues. As part of its search for future specialised employees, the Ortec Group is accelerating its Job Booster initiative by allocating substantial resources to create jobs, improve integration conditions and increase the level of qualification of its employees.

With the support of Adecco, different professions have been identified: industrial cleaning, sanitation, mechanical engineering, piping, welding, etc. Adecco will recruit personnel on permanent contracts and train them in this wide range of professions.

The campaign is designed for those wishing to take a new direction in their careers, change environment or develop their skills in their field of choice.

Boosting careers in each specialist area

A multi-specialist company, the Ortec Group offers its customers a wide range of business lines in many sectors: Chemistry-Pharmacy, Oil & Gas, Nuclear Energy, Transport, Agri-food, etc. Mastering all projects and initiatives (Studies, Works, Maintenance), the Ortec Group teams support their customers in addressing all their issues.

Its in-house training school, “ÉLÉE”, develops specific training programmes. It offers over 40 different training courses, from pumping hazardous products and work preparation to assembly and lifting, metal work, industrial mechanics, very high pressure equipment and sanitation, etc.

Key training figures at ORTEC in 2017:

  • €11 million in investments, i.e. 5.14% of payroll
  • 4,700 employees took part in at least one training activity, i.e. 80% of the workforce (87% of workers/ 80% of ETAM/74% of executives)
  • 171,274 hours of training completed

JOB Booster campaign: one year to become a business professional

The first JOB Booster course, dedicated to industrial cleaning, will begin in September and is set to train 12 people.

The Job Booster campaign is a one-year course introducing trainees to the Ortec universe: in contact with the Group’s business experts, candidates will be trained at Ortec’s Technical Centre in Lançon-Provence while, at the same time, being supported out in the field within the agencies.

This is a unique experience in France which allows trainees to boost their careers and join a company that counts many important customers among its clientèle.

The candidates will work as Ortec Group employees, benefiting from the special schemes designed to boost their careers. They will all be supported along the way to becoming professionals in their line of business once their training is complete. And at the end of the year, they will be offered a permanent contract in genuine recognition of their achievements.

Spotlight on technique

Within the Ortec Group, each speciality has its own reference. Recognised and respected for their know-how both by employees and customers, trade experts pass on their knowledge. Technical mastery of the Ortec trades is essential to the smooth running of operations.

The entire pathway is studied, adapted and tailored to the profile of each individual. Provided with all the training material and equipment necessary, all the candidates develop in optimum learning conditions. Mastering the technique is essential. Boosting careers with Job Booster!

To apply: adecco.ay1@adecco.fr/+33 (0)4 13 29 02 20