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A first: the Ortec Group will take part, from 14 to 16 November 2019, in the second edition of The Usine Extraordinaire, an event organised on the J4 plaza in Marseille which aims to strengthen the ties between the general public and industry. On the agenda: three days to discover what goes on behind-the-scenes in a factory, of encounters with those who are part of the industry on a daily basis.

“Between Sky, Land and Sea: What skills for the factory of tomorrow?” such is the theme for the 2019 edition of The Usine Extraordinaire, which is located this year at the heart of the port of Marseille-Fos.

Designed for the public in general and in particular for young people, this event will welcome 20,000 visitors, including 10,000 school children, trainees and students from the Great South, and will focus on four distinct areas: invent, manufacture, connect, share. Chaired by Bernard Bigot, CEO of ITER, The Usine Extraordinaire brings together some fifty industry players, as much regional as national and international.

Ortec promotes professions from the industry

Through its participation, the Ortec Group intends to contribute to promoting and renewing the industry’s image in the eyes of the general public, at a regional and national level, by presenting its vision of the place of people in the company, the integration of young graduates, innovation in the industry and the factory of the future.

On its stand, the Group will present the diversity of its services to the industry, at the heart of this 5,000 m² “village”, a space for discussion, sharing, experimentation and promotion of the Ortec universe and professions, throughout the life cycle of an industrial site, from design to execution, while also supporting its partners in maintenance operations.

Ortec employees will be demonstrating – through various workshops – the professions of: Design studies, Engineering, Pipework, Metalwork and Welding, Sanitary Fittings, Industrial Cleaning, Sanitisation, Decontamination, Risk Analysis and Training.

Professions will be discovered via a variety of physical experiments, test bench, model, simulator, quizzes to help understand professions, but also through virtual reality experiments so visitors can see themselves in different industrial settings.

All the conditions will therefore be combined to foster the awakening of vocations!

To sign up: https://inscriptions.usineextraordinaire.com/bienvenue

Practical information:

L’Usine Extraordinaire

from 14 to 16 November 2019

Esplanade J4 du MuCem

13002 Marseille