The Ortec Group’s technical training centre

25/01/2012 - Group
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Ecole Élée: The Ortec Group’s technical training centre

By creating its own training centre, the Ortec Group reaffirmed the importance that it attaches to mastering its lines of business, so essential to guaranteeing the quality and safety of its work.

The training modules were developed at Élée, the Ortec Group’s in-house training school, in collaboration with experts in each business line. The highly practice-oriented training modules place employees in situations that are as close as possible to reality out in the field. The employees are provided with equipment that is identical to that used at customers’ premises when performing work (tools such as cranes, HPT assemblies, combined sewer cleaners, lifting equipment and accessories, etc.). The training is provided by in-house trainers with extensive field experience, acquired within the Group’s agencies.

Whether blue collar workers, ETAM or managers, the Group’s employees can be offered one or more training modules that form part of the Ortec Group’s skills development plan, known as “O’Métier”. Each course is adapted to the specific needs of the employee and may consist of one or more training modules lasting between two and six days. A complete course could represent over 100 hours of training.

The Ortec Group makes significant investments in training. The creation of the technical training centre and the implementation of customised modules reflect the Group’s aim to invest in the future and put people at the centre of its development.

Lançon-Provence technical training centre in a few figures

  • reception capacity: 24 people
  • 3 training rooms
  • 2-6 day modules = up to 100 hours of training
  • over 700 training initiatives since the centre opened in 2012
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