29/11/2019 -

What if you could spend a day in your future job before being officially hired? At Ortec, it’s possible!

Ortec innovates and offers its potential employees a day of immersion in order to better understand their future working environment.

These “immersion” days make it possible to discover the future working area, the offices, the vehicles, the equipment, the skills and the profession. They also present an overview of the Group with its various subsidiaries and its fields of expertise.

These encounters create the first interactions in an unfamiliar environment and reveal the spirit of the Ortec Group.

Discussions during the immersion also present the projects being conducted and the working methods used. The environment is an essential element of professional fulfilment, along with the bonds that are forged between different employees. Its teams reflect the company, its human and professional values.

This contact is not only beneficial for the candidate, but for the company as well. This introductory encounter offers a global vision. We discover the interests, motivation and skills of the future employee.

Entering an unknown world can be a little intimidating. The company’s highly original approach reveals, through various individuals, the spirit of the Ortec Group, its operating methods, its group cohesiveness and its values.

A solution that proves beneficial for all parties. So, let’s go for cooperation that pays!