19/02/2018 -


« In 2025, it will be possible to cure two out of three patients, thanks to research»

The real scourge of our times is that cancer affects every one of us. With over 400 deaths every day, this terrible disease is the main cause of death in France. Fortunately, research is gaining ground, and is enabling us to better understand today how to combat cancer more effectively tomorrow. However, research needs financial support to develop and test medicines. And yet, the resources provided by the government are seriously inadequate (EUR 250-300 million per year).

Thanks to its teams of doctors and voluntary biologists, the ARC Foundation has the capacity to combine projects and select the most promising avenues of research. Unfortunately, at EUR 30 million a year, its resources are modest. But if the Foundation is able to act, it is thanks to the generosity of its sponsors, of which the Ortec Group is proud to be a part. ARC brings together actors in the fight against the disease and directs research towards the development of effective therapies for all patients. Its ambition is to enable France to cure two out of three sick people by 2025, whereas today it is only possible to cure one in two.

« You are not alone in the fight against the disease »

In parallel with its financial support, the Ortec Group would like to make ARC’s missions known among its employees in order to keep them better informed and increasingly raise their awareness of the cancer issue. And at the same time, their aim is to pass on the message that “You are not alone in fighting the disease.” Despite regularly communicating information about the arrangements put in place by the Ortec Group, it is not uncommon for sufferers to not dare ask for help. Empathy, listening and support are the Ortec Group’s watchwords for anyone who is suffering.