26/09/2018 -

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Ortec applies digital innovation to the decontamination of land and building sites.

In its special dossier on soil and groundwater pollution, published in number 409, the specialist journal “L’Eau, L’Industrie, Les Nuisances” (Water, Industry, Nuisances) focuses on solutions that reduce lead times and limit costs related to soil and groundwater treatment.

Particularly innovative, the solutions developed and applied by Ortec Générale de Dépollution enable the Ortec Group subsidiary to position itself as the preferred partner for decontamination projects, particularly as part of industrial site and construction site reconversion projects. OGD uses innovative approaches both in the techniques that it applies (using biological engineering for example) and in the equipment that it uses such as mobile laboratories and facilities set up such as its platforms and biocentres for the pre-treatment, recovery and recycling of land and worksite rubble.

To go even further, Ortec Générale de Dépollution has developed its own digital solution. The application, which is known as GAIA, makes it possible to monitor the project directly at the customer’s site, thus guaranteeing real-time traceability and optimised management of materials based on the most technically consistent and financially optimal land guidelines. Deployment of the application forms part of the process set up by the OGD. Its approach consists, in particular, of proposing a programme of rubble or embankment movements, which is established throughout the entire duration of the project, while integrating on site and off-site pretreatment, disposal and reuse phases (such as screening, biological treatments, stabilisation, etc.). Thanks to this approach, OGD limits the volumes of polluted materials that are directed towards processing chains along with the supply of external materials. The Ortec Group subsidiary, which specialises in the decontamination and reconversion of sites, brings considerable economic, environmental and operational benefits to its customers.

« Digital innovation to optimise land management »

If you would like to read the article that highlights the digital solution developed and deployed by Ortec Générale de Dépollution as well as its global approach to the management of decontamination projects, you can find it on the website of the journal “L’Eau, l’Industrie, les Nuisances” or download it directly as a PDF.

Source: Dossier “Soil and groundwater pollution: reduce lead times and limit costs” in no. 409 of the journal “L’Eau, l’Industrie, les Nuisances”, p. 29.