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25/01/2018 - Group
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One challenge, one prize and one mindset – Innov’O with a magnifying glass

Alongside the work of the Technical Directorate of Innovation, the Innovation Club, the Digital Ortec Committee and events such as Cafés de l’Innovation (Innovation cafés) or O.Forum, the aim of Innov’O is to encourage innovation. What’s so special about it? It is open to all Group employees.

Innov’O’s starting point is that the right idea can be found anywhere! Designed in the form of a challenge, Innov’O calls upon ideas from the field, agencies, design offices and offices. Whether it is a tool, a service or a way of working, the ideas generated on the ground reflect the reality and everyday life of the Group’s employees, their needs and those of their customers. That’s why the Ortec Group pays particular attention to these ideas. The criteria sought for include increased efficiency, productivity or safety. The objectives are to roll out ideas across all the Group’s agencies, constantly renew itself and offer even fairer and more efficient services.

Innov’O Challenge – how does it work?

The Prize for the Best Innov’O Idea has been in place since 2014. Throughout the year, employees can submit their ideas on a website. Ideas are recorded by category and theme. Once submitted, the idea goes through a validation process. Agency managers, business experts and department directors preselect the ideas before forwarding them to the Innov’O selection committee which analyses and assesses them. The best ideas are rewarded. From that point onwards, the Technical Innovation Department works on the practical implementation and development of these projects.


A permanent idea laboratory

The Innov’O challenge does not stop at the submission of an idea. The initiative is lived out every day. Innov’O correspondents work all year round to deeply root the spirit of innovation within the company. Their role: informing, encouraging and advising employees through mini-conferences, videos, chats, Innovation Weeks, etc. Because today’s idea can become tomorrow’s innovations.

Since the creation of the Challenge, the initiative has become increasingly widespread. Each year, the competition generates more and more innovative ideas and projects. Innov’O has become a permanent idea laboratory and a mindset, a way of thinking and sharing ideas… a real pleasure to innovate.

Innov’O in figures :

    • Created in 2014
    • 956 ideas proposed in 2015
    • 50 ideas selected as a “Good idea”
    • 11 ideas selected as part of the challenge
    • 74 participating agencies out of 150


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