10/08/2021 -


Friedlander’s teams are providing sea fastening services in Mozambique in order to secure the transport of raw materials at sea. The subsidiary has consolidated its position as a partner of industrial companies in the energy sector in the construction and equipping of their facilities.

Today, day and night. Friedlander Mozambique’s staff are working day and night to provide important sea fastening services on behalf of a major industrial company in the energy sector.

What is sea fastening?

This service involves deck-fixing all equipment to be delivered at sea for our clients’ operations: manifold, X-mas tree, well-jumper, mudmat, etc. in order to ensure their integrity and the safety of both the equipment and the crew.

Given its experience in this area, particularly in Angola, Congo and Ghana, this is the first contract for Friedlander of this type with this client in Mozambique. It will mobilize around forty local employees who have been specially trained in sheet metal-work and welding.

Safety of people and equipment

Our staff are trained and aware of the challenges involved in these types of services,” reports François, the head of the branch. “We have to meet tight deadlines to get the ships operational as quickly as possible. Once fitted out, the ships will be able to install underwater equipment at our client’s floating complex.