In situ depollution

In situ decontamination techniques consist in extracting or destroying pollution present in soils, soil gases and groundwater by indirect means.

To achieve this, our teams employ the following means:

  • Physical, as with the extraction of gases from the soil (venting), injection of air into the ground (sparging), pumping and treatment of groundwater, recovery of pure product phases (skimming). These solutions are suited to volatile and/or soluble pollutants.
  • Chemical, such as oxidation or reduction which will lead to the destruction in situ of pollutant molecules. These techniques are particularly suited to hydrocarbons, BTEX, VHOC.
  • Biological, using aerobic means (hydrocarbons, BTEX) or anaerobic means (VHOC).

In response to issues of groundwater pollution and to preserve water resources, we scale and design our own treatment systems in order to provide a tailor-made response adapted to the pollution, to the constraints of the site (hydrogeology, industrial infrastructures, exploitation, uses, etc.) and the project (costs, deadlines).

Depending on the complexity of the projects and the degree of pollution, we suggest the implementation of laboratory tests and the execution of pilot tests on site to validate and optimize the treatment on a large scale.

Soil treatment carried out in situ treats pollution in place by extraction, degradation, stabilization, etc. These solutions eliminate the need for excavation work and disposal of the soil, but very often require fairly long lead times (from several months to several years).

Generally speaking, whether treating groundwater or soil, it is often necessary to combine several technologies in space and time to ensure that objectives are met.

Ortec-Soléo, the in situ reference


An independent approach

Ortec-Soléo has its own design resources: 1 test laboratory and 1 team dedicated to the design, manufacture, maintenance and revamping of our mobile treatment units – all techniques included.


Recognized technical expertise

Our teams (engineers, technicians, electro-mechanics) have all the material resources available locally to intervene rapidly and adapt treatment techniques during the course of the project, if optimizations are possible.


A sustained R&D approach

A sustained R&D approach to improve the performance of proven techniques and develop new technologies.

  • In-house development of on-site and in-situ thermal desorption processes (VOCs, PAHs, heavy hydrocarbons, PCBs, etc.), which can be operated with gas or electricity
  • Development of the MIXIS® process, which consists in injecting oxidants or reducers (hydrocarbons, VOCs, heavy metals, etc.) into soils by deep mixing


  • In situ thermal desorption
  • Vacuum extraction or ‘venting’, bioventing
  • In situ biodegradation (aerobic and anaerobic means)
  • In situ washing (soil flushing)
  • Containment
  • Oxidation and chemical reduction (@mixis)


  • Intensive or extensive treatments
  • Traditional solutions: Pump & Treat (pumping, skimming, filtering, etc.),
  • stripping, multiphasic extraction, sparging
  • More innovative solutions: Bioremediation of chlorinated solvents (aerobic and anaerobic means), oxidation and chemical reduction, ERH, etc.



Thermal desorption as a solution for depollution

Ortec-Soleo treats, through in situ thermal desorption under a building, the soil and water impacted at depth at an industrial site in the Rhône-Alpes region, following the cessation of activity.

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