17/12/2020 -


The Ortec Group is launching its new “Jeunes en Ortec” plan, which will recruit 150 apprentices, 250 interns and 250 future managers across all of its agencies, departments and services throughout France in the coming weeks.

Helping “young people” to enter and grow in the Group: this is the ambition of the “Jeunes en Ortec” plan, which is being deployed until summer 2021. « We intend, through this plan, to respond to both the requirements of the Group and of the candidates » explains Emmanuelle Nanci, head of recruitment in the Ortec Group.

The process, launched at the end of 2020, is aimed at young graduates looking for a job or an internship. Driven by the desire to recruit people capable of integrating into the company, we offer positions suited to both candidates and the Group’s expectations. This “win-win” spirit will also benefit work-study students in the spring of 2021 for taking up positions at the start of the September 2021 school year.

The guarantee of personalized support for young people

In the “Jeunes en Ortec” plan, the candidate is associated with a concrete approach corresponding to his profile: an intern will develop a project in the company, an apprentice will learn all the facets of a profession and a new recruited employee will find development opportunities. Everyone can therefore be assured of personalized support thanks to daily supervision by a tutor, to promote skills development and help find their place in the team. The Ortec Group takes the future of young people seriously.