The Ortec Group on the starting line of the Triathlon des Roses 2022

30/08/2022 - Life Together
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Twelve female employees will be at the start of the Triathlon des Roses again this year, organized by the Arc Foundation. The 2022 edition will take place on Saturday, September 17th at the Saint Cloud’s Domaine in Paris.

Twelve of them! Twelve women will take part in the triathlon. This sporting event, which benefits breast cancer research, will be another opportunity for the Group to reaffirm its unwavering commitment to the Arc Foundation. This is part of Ortec’s “La Vie Ensemble” program.

What makes this event distinctive? It combines sporting performance and conviviality. All levels of athletes are encouraged to register for the swimming, cycling and running trials. This is the philosophy in which the twelve Ortec employees will participate.

“Races benefiting important associations and causes enable us to link this challenge to a real societal interest, while raising public awareness” explains Marie-Elise.

Ludivine considers this triathlon as “a sporting and solidarity challenge, a means of expression and of surpassing oneself”.

As for Stéphanie, it is a logical next step for her, who is part of the Group’s Mission Handicap. “I am sensitive to the issues of illness, disability and the social support we can provide to our employees”.

Isabelle salutes, for her part, “this great surge of solidarity between women in which I wished to participate because it allows us to get together to surpass ourselves while shining the spotlight on this essential cause in the lives of women”.

Daniela is on the same wavelength: “This type of race can indeed contribute to raise awareness among the general public”.

Moreover, “as a woman, we feel directly concerned, everyone can be touched one day, from near or far, by this disease” reminds Meïssa

Collective commitment to help research

The fact that several people were competing under the Ortec banner fueled this shared desire to surpass themselves.

“It’s a real pleasure to see that the Ortec Group supports important causes and creates a group outside of work,” says Marie-Elise.

For Marie, “this sharing between colleagues gives me extra motivation”.

“It helped me to take the plunge,” adds Eloise.

Each one prepares in her own way and at her own pace, to be in shape on D-Day. Even if the main thing is, above all, to participate and to cross the finish line with the feeling of accomplished duty.

Breast Cancer: the most common cancer among women

The Triathlon des Roses was created in 2014 by the Arc Foundation, on the occasion of Pink October. The objective was then, both to inform and to collect funds for breast cancer research. Last year, more than 233,000 euros were collected after the Paris and Toulouse editions of the event.

Cancer in France is 382,000 new cases estimated in 2018 including 177,400 women. With 58,459 cases per year and 12,146 deaths, breast cancer is both the most common and the most deadly cancer among women. Only 1 woman out of 2 participates in the organized screening program. However, detected in time, it can be cured in 9 cases out of 10.

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Triathlon des Roses
Saturday, September 17th, 2022
Saint Cloud’s Domaine

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