03/06/2022 -

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From May 30 to June 3, 2022, the Ortec Group is organizing its Safety Week. With workshops, role playing, risk analyses and feedback, the women and men from Ortec will once again focus on all aspects of this key issue, which is at the heart of the Group’s DNA. Because at Ortec, we are “Life First!”.

A week of raising awareness to reassert that, every day of the year, safety is THE number-one value of the Ortec Group. But what makes this 2022 edition so special is that it takes place during the celebration of Ortec’s 30th anniversary.

“As Ortec celebrates its 30th anniversary, it also celebrates 30 years of Safety culture in the Group” confirms Gilles Talbot. “We are well-known, and indeed, recognized for that. Even if we are determined to remain humble about it, we can say that Safety is our trademark. New employees often tell us that Life First is more than just a slogan. It is how we operate.”

With 30 years of experience, what is the secret of the longevity of the safety culture at Ortec?

“Knowing how to constantly challenge ourselves every day to maintain our level of vigilance,” replies Gilles Talbot. “Because nothing is more beautiful, or demanding, than to defend life on a daily basis and without respite.”

The general context also favors the consideration of these issues in an industrial setting.

“These aspects have undeniably taken on greater importance over the years. In the business sector, we have moved from restrictive safety to integrated safety, in which the employee is also an actor who is able to identify risks.”

In addressing these challenges, the Ortec Group is fortunate to have highly conscious and responsive teams to rely on.

“One of the keys to success lies in sharing knowledge and experience for the good of the community,” concludes Gilles Talbot.

“We are coming out of two years during which there was a risk that, in people’s minds, the health issues related to Covid-19 would overshadow traditional safety measures,” highlights Gilles Talbot, HSE Manager at Ortec. “Thanks to our deeply rooted safety culture, we were able to navigate both of these issues at the same time. This Safety Week represents for us an additional opportunity to send a strong message to employees, customers and partners (temporary workers, occupational medicine, etc.).”

Eight themes for this 2022 edition

Safety Week 2022 is organized around 8 themes, determined based on the principle causes of accidents. “These themes reflect the conclusions of a safety seminar that led us to focus specifically on sites with increased vigilance (VHP, work at height, in confined spaces), the integration of new talents and the assessment of the safety culture throughout the chain of command, etc.”

Road safety

Employees spend a considerable amount of time in vehicles, whether for their commute or as part of their assignments. Compliance with the highway code remains absolutely imperative. Ortec, a signatory of the call for “Committed employers” since 2019, deploys a proactive and responsible approach to raising awareness of professional road risks via a training program “Changeons de conduite” [Let’s change the way we drive].

Alcohol & drug addiction

For this week, the addition prevention plan will be placed at the forefront. The challenge is to raise awareness about the dangers, for oneself and one’s colleagues, of working under the influence, with real impacts on vigilance and the behavioral consequences (absenteeism, skills, appearance, etc.). Ortec is setting up saliva and alcohol tests on work sites and in agencies to combat these phenomena and support employees.


Ortec operators are often required to work outside during the summer months, with all the risks that this entails: dehydration, heat stroke, etc. Working in extreme heat can have a serious impact on the body. This is why we apply more vigilance, ensure adequate water supply and encourage colleagues to look out for one another in order to detect any indications of weakness.

Protection of the hands

A specialist of services in the industrial sector, thousands of Ortec employees work at customer sites every day, on essentially manual assignments. In this respect, the hands are the most exposed part of the body. The use of appropriate PPE, the distancing of hands from tools and the mechanical handling of our interventions are fundamental elements for preventing damage to the hands. Sharing know-how and advice on positioning among experienced employees and new recruits is also a central aspect of our awareness policy.

Confined spaces

At the forefront of numerous assignments, our operators often work in confined spaces exposing them to various risks (gas, hydrocarbons, etc.). An approach based on training, knowledge and risk analysis, as well as the drafting of special operating procedures, are the key elements of control for these projects.

Sorting waste & energy saving

The environmental dimension and the carbon footprint of its activity are fully assimilated at Ortec. The teams, at head office, in agencies and in the field, are made aware of best practices in terms of sorting waste and energy saving techniques.

Welcoming new recruits

Ortec is involved in an ambitious recruitment policy. The Safety issue is an integral part of the integration of new talents. In-the-field support from our professional advisers makes it possible for them to progress quickly in the Ortec Safety culture.

Safety of goods and data

The safety of goods and data is complementary to the safety of individuals. Every day, this is illustrated through the protection of data in the face of cyberattacks and of our facilities (premises, equipment, fuel) which are targeted for theft.

Have a great Safety week everyone!


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