14/10/2019 -

Life Together

There are smiles that speak volumes when crossing the finish line. Like those of the 17 female colleagues from the Ortec Group head office and branch offices, who took part in the Triathlon of the Roses on 21 September 2019 at the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud in Paris. With a sense of accomplishment and of having given their best for a worthwhile cause. Because that is the spirit of this race, organised by the ARC Foundation, which allies sport, solidarity and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

A shared human adventure

For this 2019 edition, once again, the Ortec Group – partner of the Arc Foundation – has gone beyond its financial commitment by enabling 17 of its female employees to run, swim and cycle for a good cause, under the Group’s banner.

When the time came to take stock, the pride of having participated in a real human adventure was palpable. Despite the difficulties of the event (200 metres swimming, 8 kilometres cycling and 5 kilometres running), each of them pushed beyond their limits to reach their goal, contributing in a practical way to helping fund the fight against breast cancer. Indeed, 100% of the funds collected during the Triathlon of the Roses will be donated to research. For this 2019 event, no less than 180,000 euros were collected and 800 people were at the starting line for races in Paris and Toulouse.

“Life Together”, an Ortec Group commitment

5 years ago, when the Arc Foundation created the Triathlon of the Roses, the goal, through sport, was to inform the public about cancer prevention and the benefits of physical exercise, but also to raise funds for research. A major challenge when you consider that with 59,000 cases and 12,000 deaths per year, breast cancer is the most prevalent and the deadliest cancer among women.
For these reasons, the Ortec Group’s involvement is fully aligned with the objectives of the Arc Foundation and its triathlon. Indeed, “Made in Ortec” promotes solidarity on a daily basis as a fundamental value in human relationships.

Barely as the event was over, people were already talking about the next one. Plans have started for the 2020 event.





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