19/02/2020 -


Regularly praised by those in the industrial sector for its know-how with regard to Security and Safety, the Ortec Group has taken first place in a new Security Challenge following a Steam Generator Replacement (SGR) operation of unit 5 in the EDF Gravelines power plant.

A team of 10 Orys employees, subsidiary of the Ortec Group, (Pierrelatte, 26) took first place in a security challenge organised by EDF. The group employees were rewarded for all of their hard work.

The security of personnel and the safety of equipment during on-site operations are the number one priority. All Ortec employees are committed to implementing them for themselves and their colleagues.

Equipe Orys Pierrelatte

EDF commends Orys’ correct application of security rules

In its report, the jury noted the extremely high levels of vigilance demonstrated by all employees with regard to their work environment, the correct application of new rules linked to equipment handling around lorries, particularly with the systematic implementation of check-lists and a well-managed documentation system.

Located on the North Sea coast, between Dunkirk and Calais, the Gravelines power plant is the largest nuclear power plant in Western Europe, in terms of its production capacity, as well as its number of reactors (6 900 MW reactors). In 2018, the power plant reactors produced 34.6 billion kWh without CO2 emissions.

An expert in industrial issues in its nuclear subsidiary, the Ortec Group notably offers a large range of maintenance, modification and equipment installation services, via its subsidiary, ORYS, catering both for specific contracts and for multidisciplinary requirements, from the simple performance to the overall management of outsourced missions.

Equipe Orys Pierrelatte