Friedlander Nord: training and recruiting pipefitters

15/04/2021 - Career
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Since the summer of 2020, Friedlander Nord has been experimenting with a new method of recruiting pipefitters. Training sessions organized in partnership with the Regional Council and specialized organizations are combined with personalized on-the-job training. The aim is to build a pool of skilled workers so that they can be quickly operational on metalworking sites.

We realized that there was a shortage of candidates in the pipefitting professions. We needed to train them because we couldn’t find any” explains David Hoareau. “The recruitment difficulties can be put down to the fact that the pipefitting profession is not very well known. So we started discussions with AFPA (French agency for professional development). The Friedlander Nord Branch Manager is pleased with the approach. “There are many metalworking sites in the region. Our initiative enables us to fully meet our customers’ expectations in terms of qualified manpower”.

Initially, eight candidates applied in Amiens after an open day organized by Ortec recruiters in collaboration with Pôle emploi (French public sector employment agency) and the Local Mission (community aid project for young people). The candidates came from a variety of backgrounds: young individuals at the end of their schooling, adult career changers, job seekers, etc.

Recruitment based on training, internship and on-site experience

Training lasts six months. Candidates benefit from an internship at a Friedlander branch. Upon hiring, the initial induction takes place in the workshop before continuing directly on worksites, with more experienced employees as tutors.

It’s a very interesting experience” said one of the trainees. “It helps me learn a profession, both in theory and in practice, thanks to our tutors who work with us on a daily basis. It’s the ideal opportunity to pick up as many useful tips as possible.

Five individuals who took part in the second session, which ended at the beginning of  March, are currently on assignment at the Amiens branch. The third session will end in August.

Given the interest shown by candidates and the benefits for our customers, the experiment has been extended to other branches. A new training session in collaboration with AFPA Liévin is currently underway at Friedlander Douvrin and it will last until July. Another one for the Friedlander Ile-de-France branch in Collégien is organized with Aforp Mantes-La-Ville and it will last until August.

Friedlander Nord’s approach demonstrates its commitment to strengthening its teams through local training and recruitment. It is also a contribution to the ambition of the Ortec Group, whose “Jeunes en Or’tec” plan was launched at the end of 2020, with the aim of recruiting 650 young people through internships, work-study programs or permanent contracts.

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