06/01/2020 -


The annual Casques d’Or gathering took place at the Ortec Group headquarters on 19 September 2019, bringing together the company’s corporate elite spanning more than 10 years. It is an opportunity for everyone to talk about business, safety, innovation and recruitment.

206. There were 206 Casques d’Or in attendance at what remains one of the key events in the Group’s calendar. Ever at the core of “Made In Ortec”, recognition remains an integral part of the Group’s DNA. And the Casques d’Or are an illustration of this in their roles as experts in the field. They use their discipline, know-how and expertise to uphold the Group’s values and commitments.

Over the course of this special day, everyone was able to meet, discuss, continue to learn, innovate, and become more motivated. In other words: to discuss, to be together. On this occasion, Philippe Croizon made the trip in order to discuss the challenges associated with excelling and setting goals in daily life.

The company uses the Casques d’Or to pay tribute to the commitment of its men and women to their exemplary careers. Their knowledge of the field and their appropriation of the Group’s values make them the elite of the corporate world.

Recognised for their commitment, expertise and know-how, the Casques d’Or are the foundation which has made the Ortec Group a benchmark in the world of industry.