Four Total sites reward the Ortec Group with the 1st prize in safety

26/09/2018 - Safety
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Safety prize at four Total sites: a reward for Ortec’s permanent commitments

On Friday 27 April, in La Mède, Feyzin, Le Havre and Lacq, we experienced a great moment which was soon shared across all Ortec Group sites in France and around the world.

Four Ortec teams at four Total Group sites were simultaneously rewarded for their exemplary work and safety results!

This was a moment of great pride for the Ortec Group which considers Safety to be one of its fundamental values. For 365 days a year, it strives, through permanent actions and its “Life First” commitment, to reach its “zero incident” target within its agencies and at all the customer sites in which it operates throughout the world.

Ortec is in the process of preparing for its fourth Safety Week which each year brings together employees, customers and partners around safety issues, and so the top four safety awards at four Total sites represented a concrete reflection and a just reward for the commitments undertaken and the safety results achieved by its teams. What an encouragement to continue their efforts in this direction!

On 27 April 2018, on the occasion of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, initiated in 2003 by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) at its various French sites, the Total Group organised meetings with its service providers. In La Mède, Feyzin, Le Havre and Lacq, the employees of the local Ortec agencies were offered the privileged opportunity to discuss good safety practices with the operational departments of the four Total sites, and in particular the 12 golden rules of safety applied by the customer. At the same time, this meeting enabled the Ortec teams to present and highlight their remarkable safety initiatives, innovative tools and equipment that allow the Group to provide its long-term customer with even greater safety and operational efficiency.

Safety at Ortec: Life, Health and Safety come before results

For the Ortec Group, Life, Health and Safety take precedence over results, and this has been the case ever since the call for tender response stage. The objective is to ensure the safety of all people at all times. This commitment is in line with that of the Total Group, which, through its slogan “Safety for me, for you, for all”, places its employees, as well as its partners and co-contractors, on the same level of importance from a safety perspective, while expecting the same level of vigilance and involvement from everyone throughout their activities. This requirement is fully shared among, and integrated by, the Ortec Group teams, who, when carrying out work at the four Total sites in France demonstrate rigorous organisation, and enable the set objectives to be safely achieved. And what’s more, it enables them to come up with new ideas for making changes and improvements to increase the safety of everyone.

This mindset and this deeply rooted safety culture characterise the Ortec Group teams and form an integral part of all their expertise and fields of intervention in engineering and works. It is this safety culture that has enabled the Ortec Group to constantly lower its incident rate over 30 years by increasing the awareness of its employees and partners, while at the same time securing processes, tools and facilities.

Safety culture, regularly recognised and rewarded with trophies, special awards, etc. by the Group’s key customers.

Learn more about the Ortec Group’s Security Policy.

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