Turnkey support for land decontamination and redevelopment projects

Recognised for its expertise in the integrated management of land decontamination and redevelopment projects, the Ortec Group employs innovative processes to carry out the most complex projects in France and internationally.

Our expertises

For almost 20 years, the Ortec Group has been supporting the decontamination and redevelopment projects for industrialists, local authorities, construction and property companies. With their diverse skills, its teams cover consulting to complete reconversion, whatever the pollutant, offering the most efficient, responsible and economically suitable solution for each situation. With complete understanding of the techniques for treating contaminated soil and water, Ortec uses innovative processes for specific assignments or for dismantling industrial sites.
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Expertise and services
  • Environmental engineering
    • Sizing and design of decontamination processes and deconstruction work
    • Feasibility and treatability tests, in laboratory and on site
    • Work monitoring
    • Support to deal with government bodies
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Fields of activity
  • Soil decontamination
  • Water decontamination
  • Redevelopment of industrial sites and wastelands

10 local branch offices

6 biological treatment platforms and biocentres for recycling contaminated soils

Various techniques used:

  • Soil decontamination: biological treatments (bioremediation, soil biopile or biomound), thermal, physicochemical (oxidation, reduction, stabilisation, washing, etc.) or physical (venting, containment, etc.)
  • Water decontamination: pumping/skimming, filtration, sparging, stripping, bioremediation
  • Water, sludge and sediment treatment: oxidation, chemical reduction, electro-flocculation, biological treatments


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Our subsidiary OGD uses an innovative technique to treat chlorinated solvents in groundwater in situ: reducing dechlorination, or anaerobic biological treatment. The principle is to stimulate the activity of micro-organisms present in soil and groundwater, in order to accelerate natural breakdown of solvents. Less costly, this dynamic and permanent system can be implemented without stopping operation of the site treated and has a limited impact on the environment.


As part of a partnership agreement with Société du Grand Paris, our biocentres were contracted to receive and recycle part of the spoil generated during construction work on the new metro for the Grand Paris Express project. A total of 45,000 tonnes! By means of a best practices charter, which we were one of the first 31 companies to sign, we are committed to recycling this spoil responsibly. Soil contaminated with organic matter (hydrocarbons, diesel fuel, oils, etc.) will be treated using processes that speed up the natural breakdown process for these pollutants. By connecting our biocentres to the river network and using barges to transport spoil, we will also contribute to limiting greenhouse gas emissions during the work.

Our references

Redevelopment work

Management of the redevelopment of the Normandy oil factories

Decontamination work

Excavation and transport of soil for a housing development project led by Eiffage Immobilier in the town centre of Bayonne

Deconstruction and dismantling

Dismantling and decontamination of the Monachem pharmaceutical plant in Monaco city centre

Our markets

Food processing

Oil & Gas

Government & local authorities

Construction and real estate

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