Field engineering to ensure the quality of work done

Recognised by the largest accounts for its expertise and operational excellence in engineering consulting, the Ortec Group supports its customers over time, building long-term relationships of trust with them. The experience of its specialists also offers field engineering! During the work phase, it provides precise, pragmatic and responsive local support for all the services essential for programmes to run smoothly and for the final quality of the work.

Our expertises
Works engineering

Maintenance engineering

The experience of a Works specialist company to optimize industrial sites maintenance.

Monitoring and testing

Skills, field knowledge, method and mastery of referentials combined to drive operation monitoring.

Deconstruction and waste

Experts to acompany you to total mastery of infrastructures lifecyle, to the installations dismantling and waste management.


A partner to prevent, secure and preserve employee’s health and safety, in a constant focus of norms and regulations.

Préparation?décentralisée ?des?travaux?en?Maintenance?Courante?et?Arrêt d’Unité

Préparation décentralisée de travaux

Un arrêt d’unité ou des interventions en maintenance courante nécessitent un travail de préparation amont permettant de définir et optimiser l’ensemble des travaux nécessaires à la remise en état des installations.

Our markets
Works engineering

Aeronautics, Aerospace


Chemicals & pharmaceuticals




Oil & Gas