On-site and off-site depollution

Ortec-Soleo assists its customers in their industrial or real estate redevelopment projects by offering them a turnkey service for the treatment of polluted soils – from on-site analyses to earthworks, through to the final recovery of materials.

With a view to constantly optimizing the rehabilitation process, each project is examined as much in advance as possible in order to ensure the reliability of our commitments and reduce costs, with priority given to recycling and reusing materials, in a circular economy approach.

Wherever possible, we combine on-site pretreatment/treatment solutions to limit off-site management of impacted materials and preserve natural resources.
Where appropriate, we favor local recovery solutions.


  • On-site pretreatment (sifting, dehydration, stabilization, inerting, etc.)
  • Thermal desorption on site (gas or electrical energy)
  • Biodegradation by ventilated pile
  • Washing (mobile treatment unit)
  • Physico-chemical treatment by redox
  • Stabilization
  • Controlled containment
  • Phytomanagement (phytostabilization, phytoextraction)


We propose an integrated approach to deliver on strong commitments in terms of results, costs and deadlines while ensuring the smallest possible environmental footprint and maximum traceability.



Chemical and geotechnical characterization of soils, meshing, earthworks plan

Laboratory tests to identify on-site (pre)treatment solutions



Study of pollution/project compatibility with proposed management solutions



Ortec-Soleo integrates all the services for maximum optimization:

  • Pretreatment
  • Physical and analytical sorting on site
  • Global approach to optimized management of excavated material/backfill, with on-site and off-site (pre)treatment solutions for maximum reuse.
  • Environmentally-friendly transport solutions (river/sea, double freight) and optimized flows
  • Management solutions for impacted soils through on-site and off-site (pre-)treatments for maximum reuse
  • Integration of an environmental approach in preventive archeology operations
  • Full transparency and traceability
  • Assisting the customer with administrative procedures

Our tailor-made solutions allow us to manage the issues related to polluted soils, from a geotechnical, health and environmental point of view:

  • Management of earthworks under shoring, an economical solution adapted to the constraints of polluted soils, allowing work to be carried out in cramped spaces
  • Management of excavations in a ventilated tent with containment, to protect the environment and the surrounding area from the release of volatile pollutants
  • Management of environmental disturbances (dust, smells, vibrations, noise, etc.)
  • Management of interfaces (asbestos/pyrotechnical/ATEX/co-activity risk)
  • Constant monitoring of workers’ exposure

Our strengths

  1. Our own earthwork resources through investment in several mechanical shovels (20 to 35 tons) with equipment adapted to our business.
  2. Independence in the choice of solutions and branches offered (Ortec-Soleo or partner branches) and complete support for our customers in their approach to rehabilitation strategy.

Discover Gaia
connected management of earth movements

The GAIA application designed by the Ortec Group is a flexible, high-performance technical solution for managing and optimizing earth movements on redevelopment sites. GAIA is a tool for mapping and monitoring the various volumes of impacted soil. It combines all the key parameters needed to implement the treatment and recovery solutions required to rehabilitate a site, while optimizing the volumes of site materials and transport, for controlled costs.


Land development & Local authorities

Depollution of wasteland and recycling of soils in Marseille

Ortec-Soleo decontaminates the soil of a former gas plant on the Euro-Mediterranean perimeter and manages a sorting and recycling platform on and off site. Key challenges: phasing and earth movement management. 

Our markets


Chemicals & pharmaceuticals

Food processing industry

Aerospace industry


Government & local authorities

Oil & Gas

Construction & real estate

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