Réparation de votre tuyauterie industrielle avec notre solution de frettage composite

Preventive and corrective repairs of your industrial piping with composite wrapping

Protect and repair your industrial installations with our fast, efficient, international standard-compliant composite banding solutions.

In the industrial sector, a pipe leak or failure (due to corrosion, delamination, impacts, etc.) can lead to costly production stoppages, environmental risks, and safety hazards for your employees.

Whether you operate in oil, gas, chemicals, sanitation, food or any other industrial sector, our composite solutions are designed to offer you a fast, safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional repairs.

Thanks to our expertise and the cutting-edge technology, we ensure the continuity of your operations without interruption, minimizing losses and maximizing safety.

What is composite wrapping?

Our composite technology uses innovative resins combined with high-density fiberglass or carbon fiber applied in one or more layers.

Our ISO 24817 and ASME PCC2 qualified systems, certified by Lloyd’s Register and approved by GESIP, allow us to work on piping and equipment for all types of fluids at pressures exceeding 60 bars and operating temperatures ranging from -40 to +221°C. Our operators are trained and certified as “composite repair technicians” according to ISO 24817 and ASME PCC2 standards.

Réparation tuyauterie industrielle par frettage composite

Why choose composite repair?

Réparations sans interruption d'activité
Repairs without downtime

No need to shut down your facilities, saving you time and money

Customized and reliable

Tailor-made solutions to restore safe operation and prevent failures

Testé et validé
Tested and validated

Every solution has been rigorously tested in the laboratory and in the field

Quick application

Our qualified technicians perform repairs quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruption


More cost-effective than traditional methods such as welding or replacement, with significant savings for you


Our environmentally-friendly solutions do not pollute the soil or groundwater

Ortec's advantages
  • Intervention within 24 hours to minimize downtime
  • Solutions with temporary and long-term repairs tailored to your specific needs
  • Qualified personnel with trained and certified staff to ensure safe and efficient interventions
  • Compliance with the strictest international standards (AB-539, ASME PCC-2, ISO 24817, ASME B31, US DOT, API, CSA Z662)

Protect your Installations and minimize costs with our composite repair solutions.

Don’t let a gas, steam or water leak harm your business. Choose the reliable and long-lasting solution of composite repair!

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