Régénération de la terre

Land regeneration

Coordinating our efforts to restore the environment, through land reclamation, and the use of innovative techniques to accelerate this process.

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Over the years, many industrial activities have been carried out, benefiting modern society. However, they have also seriously affected our environment. Today, concerted efforts aim to restore the environment, notably through land reclamation, which entails restoring exploited land to its natural state.

Our teams propose innovative techniques to accelerate this restoration. This includes removal of man-made structures, elimination of toxins, soil improvement, and reintroduction of flora.

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Our objective, as part of revegetation projects, is to actively contribute to the restoration of old industrial sites, such as slag heaps, quarries and sand pits, or degraded sites, such as landfills, roadsides, and industrial wastelands.

Our experienced team can offer innovative solutions that integrate the use our own rehabilitated and recycled materials, including slightly contaminated or decontaminated soils and residual fertilizer material, to create a substrate favorable to plant growth.

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