Gestion des matières résiduelles organiques et compostage

Management of residual organic materials and compost

Treatment and recycling of organic waste in all forms are crucial steps in the carbon cycle.

Organic waste and the carbon cycle

Treatment and recycling of organic waste in all its forms are crucial steps in the carbon cycle. These processes allow the decomposition of organic matter that then is absorbed by plants and living organisms.

By reintroducing these elements into the environment, the natural carbon balance is maintained, promoting soil fertility and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. This also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, which helps fight climate change.

The importance of composting

When composting, organic waste is diverted from landfills and incineration is avoided. Composted material becomes a resource that enriches and fertilizes land, and that is used in potting soil and soil mixtures.

Composting is considered one of the most efficient options available for managing organic waste. It allows the recovery of materials and the creation of value-added products without limiting their reuse.

Composting requires specific knowledge of the physical, chemical, and agronomic characteristics of each waste material.

For over 40 years, we have offered comprehensive organic waste management services to municipalities, industries, and businesses, from waste collection to by-product traceability, including waste recovery.

Our composting facilities conform to current regulations and all applicable laws in each country and region where we are located.

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Our services

Certified traceability

Traçabilité certifiée

We have developed a unique expertise in operating multiple soil and organic waste treatment facilities and applying millions of tons of organic waste. To convey this unparalleled expertise, we have developed an information platform that meets the operational needs of our clients by tracking organic waste from collection to final reuse. Each step is monitored, documented, and validated throughout the organic waste management and treatment process.

Thanks to their professionalism and expertise, our teams are proud to collaborate in the implementation of new, stricter regulations to protect our environment.

Treatment and reuse

Produits de fertilisation et de chaulage

Our broad network of collection points allows us to annually recover more than 400,000 tons of municipal biosolids, paper pulp, and paper sludge, as well as other organic and inorganic waste.

We also take care of residual fertilizer materials intended for the agricultural sector, from producers to end users, and offer solutions for appropriate reuse.

Our composting facilities annually produce more than 100,000 tons of quality compost and potting soil for clients in the horticultural, municipal, and commercial sectors.

Our services

  • Turnkey or personalized services, including assessing the needs of producers and end-users, and finding solutions that benefit everyone.
  • Certified sampling of waste materials
  • Characterization of waste materials
  • Technical application of proposed solutions
  • Complete coordination and management services for waste material transportation
  • Crop fertilization, pH balancing, and soil structure improvement
  • Agronomic services (agro-environmental recycling plans, authorization certificates, agronomic recommendations, etc.)
  • Technical support for end users (delivery monitoring, calibration, and spreading monitoring)
  • Development of revegetation plans for degraded sites (sand pits, quarries, mines, landfills, industrial sites, etc.)
  • Installation and operation of composting facilities
  • Production and sale of compost and potting soil coming from compost facilities
  • Collaboration and coordination with government and municipal services, to meet regulatory requirements and obtain all necessary permits.

Collection, transportation, and recycling of fertilization and liming products

Collecte, transport et recyclage produits de fertilisation

The transformation of organic waste into agricultural fertilizers and liming products presents numerous advantages for producers, the main users of these materials. It allows the improvement of the agronomic properties of the soil and fertilization of crops, and represents a more sustainable and profitable practice than purchasing conventional additives.

Our expertise in this area allows us to provide fertilization and liming products that are high quality, sustainable, prepared responsibly and profitably, and have total traceability (from collection to delivery).

Our services

  • Choice of recycling method for compliant materials
  • Research and development of recycling processes
  • Administrative procedures for obtaining the required project notifications
  • Accredited sampling operations
  • Analysis monitoring
  • Coordination of transportation and delivery of materials
  • Recycling site identification
  • Drafting agro-environmental recycling plans (PAER)
  • Client services
  • Crop monitoring

Compost and soil

Soil and compost play an essential role in sustainable agricultural practices, for landscaping companies, and in numerous other sectors.

Biomass (or compost) treatment facilities are a pragmatic and profitable means of diverting organic waste (green waste, table waste, wastewater treatment sludge, agri-food waste, etc.) from landfill sites. In our facilities, this waste is managed, treated, and turned into compost, a product with numerous applications and a high potential for reuse.

Our teams have developed a diverse range of compost and soil products that are ecologically friendly and sustainable. This approach is motivated by our desire and responsibility to preserve natural resources.

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