Company waste management

As a responsible company specializing in waste management and recovery solutions, Ortec’s teams can help you set up the right collection system for your business.

Cessation of public waste collection services

As part of their waste management master plans, metropolises and local authorities are gradually phasing out the collection of business waste in ZACs and ZAEs.

This approach is being implemented by each of the territorial councils, with a specific timetable at regional and national level.

All companies concerned will have to use a private service provider approved for waste collection.

Simple and efficient solutions for optimizing your waste management

As a responsible company specialized in waste management and recovery solutions, Ortec Environnement accompanies you in the implementation of collection systems adapted to your company.

Fully aware of environmental issues, Ortec Environnement relies on the savoir-faire and sense of service of its men and and women in the field, as well as on its capacity of innovation, to offer you tailor-made, sustainable and efficient solutions that simplify the daily management of your waste and increase the proportion recycled!

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+20 waste streams handled

Household waste

Paper – Cardboard

Recoverable packaging in mix


Wood – Pallets

Aluminium – Steel cans

PET bottles





Neon lights

Ink cartridges

Soiled materials

Cardboard cups


Surgical masks

Plastic covers

Cigarette butts

Coffee capsules

Waste from medical care activities

Scrap metal

Containers adapted to each space and waste


Common spaces

Recycling bins


Environmental commitment

As a major player in environmental services, Ortec has made strong commitments:

  • To be involved in controlling the environmental impacts of its clients,
  • To limit the impact of its activities and facilities,
  • Ensuring the exemplary nature of establishments classified as environmental protection facilities (ICPE).
  • Improve the energy performance of its equipment and buildings

What is business waste?

This is waste from businesses (artisans, shopkeepers, offices, etc.) and the public sector (administrations, hospitals, etc.) collected under the same conditions as household waste.

While the local authority has a collection obligation for household waste, it has none for so-called “assimilated” waste. For the latter, it is free to set the limits of the services it provides as part of the public service (characteristics and quantities of waste, definition of special technical requirements).


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