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Connected management of land movements.

A customized and innovative solution

The GAIA application designed by the Ortec Group is a flexible, high-performance technical solution for managing and optimizing earth movements on redevelopment sites. GAIA is a tool for mapping and monitoring the various volumes of impacted soil. It combines all the key parameters needed to implement the treatment and recovery solutions required to rehabilitate a site, while optimizing the volumes of site materials and transport, for controlled costs.

GAIA integrates information on the nature of the soil, earthwork plans, the various degrees of pollution and the possible categories of movement for each project site. A decision-making tool, GAIA determines the most coherent orientation of a batch of soil according to its degree of pollution, available storage space and backfill requirements. Management is thus optimized through the implementation of different depollution options. In this way, Ortec-Soleo limits the volumes of polluted materials directed to treatment facilities as well as the intake of external materials.

A unique approach

Overall management of earth movements over the duration of the project (the default approach being direct routing to channels)

Adapted treatment solutions

Choice and management of the pretreatment treatment phases, storage, reuse on site and treatment, recovery off site.

The optimized management of flows

Management of operational constraints and flows throughout the project (phasing, volumes, available space, time, etc.)


The solution has many advantages:

  • Securing management choices
  • Financial security
  • Flexibility in managing unforeseen events
  • Optimal adjustment to operational changes and constraints

Project monitoring is done in real time, on site or remotely. Project site and traceability documents are digitally processed. Detailed reporting facilitates inventory management, traceability and the carbon footprint of each operation.

GAIA is also an appropriate response to economic (commitment at the bidding stage, cost security, limited external backfill) and environmental (resource savings, material recovery/reuse) issues. All these elements promote productivity gains and enhanced customer relations.

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