Floating trash and debris booms manufactured for the Seine and Marne

18/06/2024 - Contracting
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The Friedlander Dunkerque and Friedlander BSL have built three floating booms to clean up the Seine and Marne rivers. The booms will be able to collect up to 2,000 tons of waste per year contributing to the efforts aimed at improving the water quality in the Seine in the run-up to the Paris Olympic Games.

This project is the outcome of a synergistic collaboration between Friedlander BSL and Friedlander Dunkerque, both experts in metallurgy.

The booms will be used to collect waste on the surface of the Seine and Marne rivers. Each boom consists of a floating funnel for floating debris management and a spout with a connection system to a boat for waste collection.

This water purification project, which took just four months to complete, presented a major scheduling challenge. With the announcement that swimming events would be held in the Seine during the upcoming Paris Olympic Games, much attention was focused on the river that flows through the capital as well as the Marne, its main tributary.

Design and manufacture: services adapted to the special requirements of the river environment

Given the scale of the project, the booms had to be manufactured in three different Friedlander BSL facilities (Craywick, Dunkerque, Nœux-les-Mines), with assembly, welding and boiler-making services mainly on beams and tubes.

Prior to this, the team had reviewed the existing studies and shared them with the client (Océlan – Vinci Construction Maritime et Fluvial), in order to draw up new specifications and define the related calculations.

“We understand the specific challenges posed by this type of project in the fluvial sector, such as corrosion and flotation. We don’t just provide manufacturing services. We contribute our expertise by proposing innovations, complementary studies and engineering solutions, particularly in resistance studies. It’s a collective work between teams accustomed to working on site and others in the workshops.” explains Benoit Guillemot, Friedlander BSL Agency Manager.

Skills development in the metalworking trades

This type of project confirms the expertise of the Métallurgie Nord department on sites with high technical demands and in maritime and river environments. This operational boldness and the Ortec Group’s willingness to make their expertise available to the clients were recently recognized by France Chaudronnerie, which awarded the company the “Employer Brand” label for its efforts in recruitment and training.

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